Oct 032013

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Apr 182015
Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel

Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel

Clackamas County’s law enforcement situation is a piece of cake when compared to the problems confronting the sheriff in Josephine County.

First, he doesn’t have enough deputies to patrol the county except for eight hours a day. If there’s a big crime going on, the state police may respond. Note the use of the word “may,” as the state police have other work to do.

Second, he’s got a handful of gun nuts ready to get into a shooting match with the feds, just like the idiot in rural Nevada who got into a cow grazing beef with the feds more than once and finally called in his buddies to resolve the issue with gunfire. Fortunately, calmer heads prevailed in that one. In Josephine County the hassle involves in-river gold mining rights.

Third, now that the State Senate has passed (17-13 with Democrat Betsy Johnson voting with the Republicans) a stiffer gun control bill, the sheriff says he won’t enforce it in his county. His hands are already full, he says, with the ongoing felonies under way there. This doesn’t satisfy the outspoken gun lovers, however. They want him to come out flat against it. Right now!

Places like Josephine County make Clackamas County look like a Sunday picnic.

Apr 162015

gresham_campusNot a lot of people go to Salem to watch and/or even appear before legislative committees mulling bills. It is an arcane yet fascinating process.

All that is changing this month as the Joint Ways & Means Committee heads to the hinterlands where the good citizens of our far-flung state can see the players in action.

For those of us in Clackamas County, the closest place will be Mt. Hood Community College. That meeting is at 6:30 p.m. today (April 16, 2015)  in the school’s Visual Arts Auditorium.

And, while this message may be a tad tardy, don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Apr 102015

By Peter Toll

Tulip Farm - Clackamas County, Oregon.resizedThere’s an old saying in Salem along these lines: “When the legislature is in session, you’d better watch your wallet, your wife, and your girlfriend.” Obviously sexist and dated, but the reference to the potential for mischief is very clear.

Current example, brought to us by Senator Arnie Roblan, D-Coos Bay, is SB 716.

Simply stated, it would allow the three Metro counties, including Clackamas, to blithely ignore/skip/or otherwise disregard a singular parcel of land from 150 to 500 acres and zone it for light industrial use if it is in a rural reserve designation. Continue reading »

Apr 102015

Here’s a message from the Democratic Party of Oregon.


When you file your 2014 taxes using Form 40, you can invest in your values. Fill in “501″ for Political party on Line 68, and the state will send $3 of your rebate to the Democratic Party of Oregon.

We call it the “Check for Democracy”—a program that funds campaigns through real grassroots politics, rather than wealthy special interests.

It’s easy to find line 68 in TurboTax, and here’s where you’ll find it on your paper return:

taxform line 68

With the grassroots support of Oregonians like you, we’ll keep Oregon a progressive beacon for America.

Learn more about the Check for Democracy, and tell your friends, family, and accountant about it.

Thanks for all you do,

dixon signature



Frank Dixon
State Party Chair

Apr 012015

happy valley over damascusCan true happiness be found in Happy Valley? If you live in Damascus, the answer seems to be positive. And if you enjoy shopping, you’re in luck again. The result is an area of Clackamas County which is busy and productive on one side and in turmoil on the other.

If you own property in ruralesque Damascus and want to develop it, you may have a problem. That’s because the city, incorporated in 2004, has yet to adopt an authorized comprehensive plan. The city wants one version, but the voters rejected it in November for what is now the the fifth such rejection. Damascus is the only city in Oregon requiring voter approval of a comprehensive plan. Continue reading »