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Small — But Big — County Victories

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County Democrats are quietly reveling over the recent local election.

Commissioners Jim Bernard and Ken Humberston

Jim Bernard and Ken Humberston

It has to be quiet because, while we had no impact on legislative seats, our strength in the two important Clackamas County Commission races was measurable.

Jim Bernard, former Milwaukie mayor and long-time county commissioner, will replace John Ludlow as chair in January. (Next week’s commission meeting on the 15th should prove interesting as it is probably the last for Ludlow at the helm.) Bernard was a strong winner.

Ken Humberston, who lives in rural Oregon City and helped create peace and progress on the once embattled Clackamas River Water District board, was the big surprise. He came from well behind to top Tootie Smith by some 600 votes; she had amassed 47 percent against Humberston and Sandy Mayor Bill King in the primary. Continue reading

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From the Chair

peter-nordbyeAs the newly elected chair of the Clackamas County Democratic Party, I fully understand the challenge facing our Democratic Party at the local, state and national levels. We must come together to hold on to the local offices we have won,to continue to elect progressive Democrats and, at all levels, to stop the reactionary movement represented by the election of Donald Trump.

While change within the party needs to occur, we must build on the excellent things we have accomplished through the hard work of many dedicated Democrats. At the same time, we must seek pathways to engage and involve the many new people who have recently joined us.

We need serious, honest, and respectful discussions about those things that have worked, those that require change, and those which need to be added. As we have already demonstrated, by working together we helped elect a new County Commission chair and a new county commissioner. These two commissioners will have a tremendously positive effect on how we conduct county business here. Continue reading

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Reorganization Meeting Election Results Summary

Democratic Party of Clackamas County
Reorganization Meeting
November 17, 2016

Election Results Summary

(see the full election results here)


Chair: Peter Nordbye
Vice Chair: Erika Kane
Secretary: Scott Hays
Treasurer: Eric Carlson


Peter Nordbye (Ex Officio)
Mark Gamba
J. Kevin Hunt
Dan Riker

Erika Kane (Ex Officio)
Cheryl Fisher
Fiona Gwóźdź
Cornelia Gibson


Ken Chappuis
Craig Stephens
John DeHaas
James Freed

Kathy Gordon
Kate Greenfield
Christine Chin-Ryan
Jan Lee


Dan Riker
Peter Nordbye

Jan Lee


Scott Hays

Linda Garland
Marcia P. Brown


John DeHaas
Peter Toll
J. Kevin Hunt
Klaus Gibson

Cheryl Fisher
Cornelia Gibson
Grae Lewis


Jerry Greenfield
Craig Stephens
James Freed

Kate Greenfield
Rosie Stephens
Christine Irwin
Chris Lewis


HD 18 Erika Kane, Tom Kane
HD 26 Cornelia Gibson, Simon Springall
HD 35 Duaine Weston
HD 37 Ken Chappuis, Mary Shortall
HD 38 Kathy Gordon, Gary Thompson
HD 39 Naella Tesch, Grae Lewis
HD 40 Bill Street, Faith Leith
HD 41 Cheryl Fisher, Matthew Westergaard
HD 48 Dave McTeague, Justin Swall
HD 51 Dan Riker, Norm Tarowsky
HD 52 Dennis Ghelfi, Jan Lee

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We’re Collecting Children’s Pajamas for Pajama Gramma

Every year at Christmas time, the Clackamas County Democrats help the Pajama Gramma collect new, warm pajamas for children staying in the county’s emergency shelters.

You can take pajamas to the Pajama Gramma (see below), to the Clackamas Dems office during office hours, to our next Central Committee meeting (in January), or call Marilyn Donovan (503 327-9738) or Larry Skidmore (503 327-9739) to pick them up.

Here is a letter from the Pajama Gramma.


I’m gathering New Pajamas sized Toddler to Tweens to be donated to the “Clackamas Women’s Services.” They provide emergency shelters to women and children escaping family violence. We all know (no matter how old we are) how good it feels to have a new warm pair of jammies. Please help this gramma to allow these children to have that “fuzzy feeling.”

This is not a Christmas project: The need is year round, but I think about keeping youngsters warm this time of year.

Pajamas may be delivered to my home at:
325 E. Arlington St., Gladstone
Or call 503-655-1499 for pickup.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Marilyn McKeag

Continue reading

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Will German Firm Buy Major County-Based Business?

By William Street

mentor-graphicsThe German firm Siemens’ offer of $4.5 billion to buy Wilsonville’s Mentor Graphics has been approved by Mentor’s board. Whether this increases or decreases job security for Clackamas County remains to be seen. We certainly hope this is a step in the right direction. On the other hand, $4.5 billion has been created that didn’t exist before, and Mentor staff won’t see much of this money. Yet they are the ones who created and maintain the wealth of the company. Continue reading

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Voter Turnout Alert!

Ballot DropAs of Sunday, 40.5 percent of Clackamas County Democrats haven’t voted yet. Needless to say, we can’t create the future for Clackamas County that we want — good schools, affordable housing, quality parks, clean air and water — without electing candidates who share our vision. Now is the time to make one more phone call and knock on one more door to get our brother and sister Democrats to drop off their ballots. (It’s too late to mail them.)

If you live in any of the following locations where Democrats are voting at below the County average, please talk to your Democratic neighbors.

Democratic Turn-Out as of Sunday
Happy Valley: 49.1%
Oregon City: 47.6%
Milwaukie: 46.8%
Gladstone: 45.1%
Sandy: 43.8%

Ballot drop locations can be found at here.