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Oct 032013

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May 272016

By Rosie Stephens, Chair of Clackamas County Democrats

rosie portraitEvery four years the political parties describe the impending presidential election as a historic event — and every once in a while it’s true, like now.

The Oregon Primary election is over, and I am pleased with the results in our county. Democrats in our county outvoted the Republicans. Neighborhood Leader Program results showed that face-to-face contact resulted in higher voter turnout. We set Clackamas County Commission races as a top priority and . . . Martha Schrader won her race; Jim Bernard got more votes and a higher percentage than his three opponents so he will run against John Ludlow in November; and Ken Humberston supporters kept Tootie from winning to face off in November. So the answer to the question in the April 24th edition of the Oregonian, “Will Democrats turn the tide in Clackamas County?” YES! Continue reading »

May 202016

dnc2016To be a delegate to the Oregon district or state conventions, or to run to be an Oregon delegate to the national convention, you must be registered as a Democrat by the April 26, 2016 deadline and remain registered as a Democrat.

After ensuring you’re registered as a Democrat, you must file an online Delegate Selection Filing Form (where you designate your presidential preference) with the Democratic Party of Oregon by May 20, 2016 at 5:00pm.

The number of delegates elected to support each presidential candidate is determined proportionally by the percentage of votes each candidate received in the May 17th Oregon primary. According to Ballotopedia, “Oregon is expected to have 74 delegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Of this total, 61 will be ‘pledged delegates.'” Based on the primary results, 35 (55%) of the delegates should be pledged to Sanders, 26 (42%) to Clinton.

Oregon Democratic delegates are elected on June 4th at the district conventions — CD3 and CD5 for Clackamas County.They then go on to the state convention on June 18th.

For more information about becoming a delegate, please visit http://dpo.org/2016convention.

May 142016

By Peter Toll



Leadership is on the line for Clackamas County as incumbent County Chair John Ludlow is under serious attack on three fronts, while two other county commissioners face their own election challenges.

Lackluster Ludlow, known more for bullying than any serious accomplishments in his more than three years in office, faces challenges by two mid-term colleagues on the commission. Jim Bernard and Paul Savas retain their seats if they lose this or the November election.

Also introducing himself into the anti-Ludlow candidates is the only non-commissioner, Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay. He thinks all three of his opponents act like children and he’d be the adult who could step in and bring order out of the Ludlow-led chaos.

While this is officially a non-partisan race, Ludlow is a staunch Republican who was put into office in 2012 by the tea partiers under an anti-Metro, anti-Portland, anti-mass transit, and anti-tax banner. Ludlow has reflected their interest. He has alienated Metro to the point where Clackamas County is off the radar for Metro grants, usually helpful assistance on regional issues and cooperation. The county is at a low point in regional respect. Continue reading »

May 042016

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County will lose three veteran Democratic state legislators and their would-be successors are all on the May 17 primary ballot. That’s 30 percent of our delegation and more than half of our Democratic state representatives. Replacing them leads our election report this week. (Disclaimer: Clackamas Democrats take no official position when Democrats face each other in the primary. Too, the source of most information in this report is the official Voters Pamphlet.) Our county has 10 House seats; half are held by Democrats and half by Republicans. Continue reading »

Apr 272016
candidates at HD 39 event

Jim Bernard, Martha Schrader, Ken Humberston, Irene Konev, Charles Gallia

House District 39 team recently held a voter registration party hosted by Charlie and Cheryl Gingerich at their beautiful place near Aurora. This fiesta featured Mexican food served by our own Alma Valdez and supplied by many local businesses in the Canby area. There were many activities for children, including a bouncy house, face-painting, free books and of course, pinatas!

We offered voter registration materials and had the joy of signing up some brand-new young voters.

There were over 20 volunteers involved, all under the fantastic project leadership of Susan Chavez. Several officials and candidates attended, including County Commissioners Jim Bernard and Martha Schrader, Commission candidate Ken Humberston, Canby City Council candidate Irene Konev, and House District 39 candidate Charles Gallia (who hauled in tables and chairs and stayed for the clean-up).

Thanks to all of the volunteers for their many hours of service. I think everyone agrees that this was a successful event. We look forward to more voter registration activities during the Summer.

Click here for the photo gallery.

Apr 232016

By Rosie Stephens, Chair of Clackamas County Democrats

where the fight isPerhaps nowhere more so than in Clackamas County does “It’s Where the Fight Is” matter more than now. Over the past four years, you have helped build our county party and support our Democratic candidates for the Legislature and County Commission. So with a little shift from the race for the nomination for president to Oregon and county races, the results may really show that “Majority Matters…still!” And in case you need some specific examples of how the majority matters played out in the Oregon Legislature, note the following: Continue reading »