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Oct 032013

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Jan 232016

DPO platform icon greenThe Democratic Party of Oregon’s Platform and Legislative Agenda sets forth our values and goals for the upcoming elections and legislative sessions. The 2014-2015 DPO platform, for example, calls for living-wage local jobs, reproductive freedom of choice, a full range of educational courses, programs, and services, and much more. See the full platform here. (PDF)

Delegates from the county parties convene biennially to determine the DPO’s platform and legislative agenda for the next two years. The 2016 convention will be held on March 4-6 at Hillsboro High School. Delegates must be named by the end of January. Clackamas County Democrats will appoint as many as 84 delegates and 42 alternates at our January meeting. If you are a registered Democrat in Clackamas County and are interested in becoming a delegate, come to the January meeting:

Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 pm (refreshments start at 6:30)
Operating Engineers Hall, 555 East 1st Street, Gladstone map

This is a great chance to serve and influence your party in a crucial election year. Now is the time to get more deeply involved.

Jan 162016

By Ken Humberston, candidate for Clackamas County Commission

Fifteen of our state legislators and senators* convened a public hearing a few days ago to take testimony about homelessness, no fault evictions, and huge rent increases. Homelessness affects us all more than we know. Increased costs include treatment for mental and physical illness, welfare, law enforcement, substance abuse, spousal abuse, loss of education for children, to name a few. All of this is borne by the taxpayer. We know that housing people first, and then helping them get on their feet, works — see the Utah state program — and is much more cost effective than doing nothing. Our legislators pledged to help reduce homelessness in the short session this year!

Continue reading »

Jan 142016

By Tom Kane

The Clackamas County Commission has recently sided with wealthy special interests to undermine Oregon’s nationally recognized land-use planning and rural reserves. John Ludlow has spearheaded an effort to aid individual land speculators seeking to profit off destroying Oregon farms and promoting California sprawl. And this is the man who ran on the slogan, “Stop Portland Creep.”

What is worse is that the Ludlow/Smith faction of the commission is using taxpayer money to blatantly aid the cause of these land speculators. The commission (with Jim Bernard voting “No”) budgeted nearly half a million dollars to essentially serve as a propaganda arm of wealthy speculators. In turn these speculators are active contributors to candidates like Ludlow and Smith, who are using taxpayer money to undermine Oregon laws and our rural land reserves.

These elections are crucial if we are to stand up for Oregon values. Get involved and contact local leaders to help elect responsible county leadership:

Jim Bernard to replace John Ludlow as chair of the commission

Ken Humberston to replace Tootie Smith on the commission

Martha Schrader to retain her position on the commission

Jan 092016

By Craig Stephens

What do Tootie Smith and Ammon Bundy have in common? They both want to profit from federal lands at no cost because they think that federal lands are unconstitutional and should belong to the state. And the state should grant them the right to use these lands as they see fit with no charge as a pre-existing right that may have granted to their ancestors before it was a state.

To elect a “law and order” county commissioner who does not truck with ignoring court decisions or trying to disregard fees or laws for personal financial gain, vote for Ken Humberston. Also vote for Jim Bernard for chair and re-elect Martha Schrader. Continue reading »