Oct 032013

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Sep 062014

koch bros.artsy.jared rodriguez.truthoutWhat happens when the TV advertising you’re buying is driving your candidate’s numbers in the wrong direction? Ask the Koch brothers.

We’ll be seeing less of those obnoxious and untruthful anti-Jeff Merkley ads in Clackamas County and elsewhere as the Koch brothers-sponsored political action committee is pulling the plug. There was about $1 million left on the table with the pullout, according to the article in Eugene’s Register-Guard. A refund check is probably in the mail.

When the ads began about three weeks ago, Merkley was leading by about 10 points. Latest polls show Merkley now up by 13 percent, a nice gain in the face of the massive media buy. Not only were the pro-Monica Wehby ads ineffective, but trying to generate appeal for Dr. Wehby just doesn’t seem to be working.

Let’s hope the Billionaire Bros keep their noses out of Oregon politics now that they’ve failed.

Sep 052014
You Want a Piece of Me?

You Want a Piece of Me?

Few public boards and commissions are more contentious than the Board of County Commissioners. Outspoken board Chair John Ludlow and second fiddle Commissioner Tootie Smith continue making Clackamas County the laughingstock of Oregon. Ludlow’s “Do you want a piece of me?” to fellow Commissioner Paul Savas earlier this year was the real lowlight until we hit last month’s fracas where Ludlow and Tootie asked the board to bail them out of legal bills incurred on county time.

Though we’ve reported much of this earlier (including a full oral transcript), there are two new “takes” on the subject. One is by The Oregonian’s Molly Harbarger; she reviewed the transcripts/tapes for a more in-depth report.

The other is an audio recording from one of our more fun-spirited contributors, a name not revealed lest Ludlow wants a piece of him, too.

Ludlow’s finer sensibilities are continually being pricked on this site. Enough so that he whined about it at a recent board meeting. Always nice to know he’s keeping up with the critical dialogue.
Sep 032014

Casting NOA BallotWhen you don’t like anybody on the ballot, what do you do? The answer for some disgruntled Damascus residents is to write in “none of the above” for contested city council seats in the November election. With Mayor Steve Spinnett not seeking re-election, other candidates should step forward. But this badly divided city will be hurting itself with a NOA vote unless re-electing unpopular people or replacing them with equally unpopular people is the less than subtle intent.

Throwing in the towel, Damascus? Given up on elective government? Explain that to your kids, please, and then support a candidate or two. Now is the time for candidates to generate interest and a campaign team and jump in. It’s the American way! Candidates who have filed are listed here, it changed after the article above was published, but now the filing date has past.  Stay tuned as we sort the wheat from the chaff.

Sep 022014

Sen. Jeff MerkleyOregon Senator Jeff Merkley announced another way to cut health costs in Clackamas County. His news involved a grant for the Community Health Centers in the amount of $250,000. This will help improve the design and care for the county’s citizens who need health care but are living under the poverty line and can’t afford it. This grant is part of a network serving 22 million Americans, including 350,000 Oregonians.

Aug 292014

By Peter Toll

steve-spinnettDamascus Mayor Steve Spinnett, the anti-light rail, anti-Metro, anti-land use choice and, it appears, largely anti-Damascus politician, is done. At least he has announced he is not running for re-election.

There are two pieces of very good news attached to his parting letter: He won’t be around to continue dividing the city and driving it into the ground. Too, his departure may prompt an upsurge from citizens who are sick and tired of the terrible lack of cooperation by Spinnett and the council in accomplishing anything positive. Continue reading »

Aug 272014

Court Gavel And MoneyCounty Board Chair John Ludlow set a new public record for down and dirty Tuesday when colleagues allowed only $5,000 each for the legal fees he and Tootie Smith incurred in defending a hostile work place complaint of former employee Jared Anderson. The vote was 4-1 with Commissioner Paul Savas casting the no vote.

Listen to your county commissioners in action Continue reading »