Oct 032013

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Apr 222014

kurt-schrader.squareWhat happens when two nobodies want to be somebodies? In the political world, they engage in a primary election. In Oregon’s 5th Congressional District, that means going after big names. Incumbent Democrat Kurt Schrader has attracted a primary opponent who doesn’t think he’s Democratic enough. She’s Anita Brown of Salem. No one’s ever heard of her.

Schrader’s major Republican opponent, Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith, has big name recognition in the district. She’s the odds-on primary favorite, as Clackamas is the most populous county and she won her commission seat just two years ago. Former legislator Tootie also has a primary challenger. Ben Pollock, 29, of Canby, raised $60,000 (most of it family money) compared to Tootie’s much lower number. (We quoted the AP in a recent article saying she had $18,000, but the attached report says it is $17,000.) Continue reading »

Apr 212014

OregonLive Map of HDs

This interactive page on OregonLive allows you to zoom and pan around and review the candidates, registration and predictions from the Oregonian’s political staff.

We may debate the predictions coming out of the slimline newspaper, but the raw data and presentation is very useful.

It shows the vulnerable races – a few examples are HD37 (West Linn), incumbent Republican Julie Parrish yet with a Democratic registration edge it may swing to Democrat Gerritt Rosenthal.   Across the Willamette, HD40 (Oregon City) has incumbent Democrat Brent Barton and Republican Steve Newgard in a tossup, despite also having a Democratic edge.

At the top of the page, you can switch to the Senate districts.


Apr 212014
Now that tax season is settling down a bit, a refresher course in who pays the most taxes (percentage-wise) is in order. A good source is Robert Reich. He is University of California/Berkeley professor and former U.S. Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. Reich’s narrative combines with some extremely well done graphics to superbly illustrate the basic points of our outrageous American tax disparity. It also points out that Congressional Republicans continue to demand yet more tax cuts for the very rich. This is especially curious because they’re also getting the biggest break under current law. What was that about the rich always getting richer? Sure, if government policy helps.

Sign the petition at MoveOn.org

Apr 202014
Monica Wehby doesn't support Obamacare

Monica Wehby doesn’t support Obamacare

Your Clackamas Democrats website usually focuses on political/governmental information pertinent only to Clackamas County residents. No other website does that. Therefore, other than news supportive of incumbent Senator Jeff Merkley, we’ve not explored his Republican opponents. However, today we learn that Merkley’s opponent lives in Lake Oswego, described as a “well-to-do” community by the author; therefore she qualifies for rare coverage here. We’ll try not to focus on the Republicans in Merkley’s race; there other sources for all that. But we’re breaking our policy slightly here by including this report on Ms. Wehby. Not only is she a Clackamas County resident, but her race is drawing nation-wide attention, not to mention support from all the Obamacare-hating doctors across the country who are writing some very big checks. Indeed, most of her campaign treasury consists of out-of-state money, with the notable exception of her reported partner, Andrew Miller.  Reading closely, it appears the AP article may not have been written locally.

Apr 202014
Tootie has mastered the finger wag

Tootie has mastered the finger wag

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea,” mumbled a developer who shares Tootie Smith’s hatred of land use planning. “Let’s run Tootie for Congress against that lefty Kurt Schrader!” He figures with her 2012 county-wide win she’s on a roll. Next step, now that Tootie has filed, is the most important task for any wannabe: Dialing for Dollars, putting out fund-raising mail with remittance envelopes, having fund-raisers, the works. After all, incumbent Democrat Schrader has $1.1 million in his campaign kitty right now. A very healthy start. That puts the Tootster so far behind that “pathetic” isn’t a strong enough word. She has raised $18,000. Sad but true for her. That’s nearly a 300:1 ratio for the incumbent. Tootie, to be absolutely clear, is the 1 in the 300:1.

“Everybody’s waiting for the general election” in November, she says. That’s when the big money will come in. Ah, such confidence. So if the manna starts falling from the lobbyist sky, say, starting July 1, she would have to raise only $7,534 per day through Election Day to match what Schrader has now. That would be about double what 2012 challenger Scott Bruun mustered and he was a truly serious candidate. Certainly we can figure Schrader, whose current donors include possible legislative candidate Richard Miller, the guy gave the Oregon Transformation PAC $100,000 in 2012, and has given Schrader $2,500 this year, won’t be sitting around on his laurels. He’ll probably double what he has now. Better get busy, Tootie.