Oct 032013

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Jul 252014

oregon primary ballotGovernor John Kitzhaber likes it. So does his Republican opponent. Now add New York’s man in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer. They’re all trying their very best to appeal to the “decline to state” party preference voters, a growing bloc in Oregon and nation-wide, by eliminating partisan primaries. A handful of states have fallen for this foolishness already.

The vehicle is a ballot measure coming to Oregon in the fall that calls for a so-called “open primary” election, one where the top two vote-getters go to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. While politicians pandering to voters is nothing new, their claims have no proof to back it up. Rather, it is just a bunch of loose-lipped pols reaching to “independent” voters.

Let’s not forget, independent voters can vote in primaries, just not in electing party candidates for the fall election. If you want to help pick a party’s candidate, join the party. Too, California’s recent history has proven that claims implying small new parties will flourish in the new system are actually dead wrong. This article, from the blog FiveThirtyEight, provides some interesting background Oregonians should bear in mind in November.

Jul 172014
john oliver.smaller

Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in Clackamas County? In Oregon? Nationally? Yes, yes, and yes. Comic John Oliver takes a good look at the picture. He provides insight, color, and, of course, humor to a situation which is becoming more frustratingly unfair with each passing day. Solution: Remove more Republican enablers from Congress.

Jul 152014
koch bros.artsy.jared rodriguez.truthout

“Citizen Koch,” an important new independent film about the impact of big money, unlimited election spending, and corporate personhood on our political system and on our society, is showing starting this week in Portland’s Cinema 21 Theatre. The movie is an up-to-date analysis of the money behind the tea party, the fracturing of the Republican Party. Buy tickets here.

Official Theatrical Trailer www.citizenkoch.com from Elsewhere Films on Vimeo.

Jul 122014

schrader bbq

They’re still talking about the great time some 200 people had at Congressman Kurt Schrader’s first annual western theme barbecue at his Three Rivers Farm in Canby.  From left, Heidi Fox, president of Willamette Women Democrats; Shirley Woods of Wilsonville, Rep. Schrader, Rosie Stevens, vice-chair of Clackamas Democrats, Dee Young of Lake Oswego, Christine Chin-Ryan of Sandy, and Francie Manning, Clackamas Democrats volunteer.

Jul 102014
bbc pulls the plug.small

By Peter Toll

bbc pulls the plug.smallWhat we think depends on what we see, hear or read. Television, certainly the most effective medium today, adds another dimension: what we feel. We like to think our actions are based on thought. But television changes the equation dramatically.

Here in Clackamas County, we are pretty much captive to Portland media. That’s where our television news comes from, if not a national network feed or the ongoing Faux News put out by Roger Ailes and his gang of side-of-the-mouth talking heads. They call their output “fair and balanced.” Anyone with an IQ over 100 can quickly see that’s not the case.

Fortunately for us, The Oregonian has a very good person, Molly Harbarger, covering our county. Unfortunately, as budgets have shrunk, she covers a beat once covered by several people. So we also look to Robert Pamplin’s Community Newspapers which own most, if not all, of the county’s weekly papers from Sandy to Lake Oswego, from Milwaukie to Molalla. Continue reading »