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Elections Protection Volunteers Needed for General Election

Ballot DropTo all the great volunteers that helped with observation for the Primary and for others that have done this in the past, thank you! Clackamas County has had elections issues, and Clackamas County Democrats have been effective at making sure that election workers know that they are being observed and follow the rules accordingly.

If you have not done this before or want to be a part of the Observation Team again, please email Craig Stephens. Provide your contact information and limitations as to time of day or days in the week prior to, including and just after Tuesday November 9.

There will be on-line training and an in-person training session at the Clackamas County Democrats Office with details conveyed to you as the time gets nearer.

There will be an opportunity to see the machine verification before November 1 for anyone who would like to be present for that. With the primary election, the Clackamas County Elections Office managed to lose some ballots, so there is never a dull moment. Many tasks are observed, each of which has some complexity, in an effort to make sure every vote is properly counted.

There are a number of rules that must be followed, so please allow time for training or re-training as the case may be.

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Save the Date for Our Annual Roosevelt Dinner — Oct. 8th


The Democratic Party of Clackamas County and the Willamette Women Democrats are preparing for their annual gala event, the Roosevelt Dinner & Auction to be held Saturday, October 8th. The dinner will be at the Tualatin Country Club and will feature a delicious dinner, guest speakers, and an auction with our favorite auctioneer, Dave Hunt. There will be lively bidding during the auction for Oregon coast get-a-ways, a mountain retreat, and other great items.

Prior to the dinner, guests can purchase raffle tickets for two great gift-laden baskets with enticing treats and gift cards. There will be quality wine to buy from the “wall of wine.” The funds raised will help support the campaigns of local and state candidates and the Clackamas County Democratic Party.

Please mark your calendar for this important evening. Reservations will be taken after September 6th at www.clackamasdems.org.

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Ludlow and Friends Show Even More Bad Judgment

roads.pot_hole.ludlowIneptitude and bad judgment seem to be the hallmarks of the John Ludlow-led Clackamas County Commissioners when it comes to their lack of proper attention to our county’s roads. The most recent example is in Canby, where they chose to re-pave certain streets outside the city during the busiest time of the year while totally ignoring their responsibility for county-owned streets inside the city limits. Here’s how the local newspaper described it.

County Sending Nine Delegates to National Convention

dnc2016Clackamas County is sending eight delegates and one alternate to the Democratic National Convention later this month in Philadelphia.

Six were elected at the 3rd and 5th Congressional District Conventions on June 4, two more delegates and one alternate were chosen June 18 at the state-wide convention in Portland.

Hillary Clinton pledged delegates will be County Democratic Chair Rosie Stephens, House District 38 Co-Leader Kathy Gordon, Christine Chin Ryan, State Rep. Shemia Fagan, and House District 37 Co-Leader Mary Shortall as Alternate.

Bernie Sanders pledged delegates will be Cheryl Fisher, Lisa Ortiz, Kevin Hunt, and Alex Josephy.

All delegates are paying their own transportation, room, and related expenses.

This year’s delegates represent a very diverse contingent that exceeded all the goals that were set.

African American
Asian/Pacific Islander
Hispanic/Latino/a American
Native American
People with Disabilities