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Oct 032013

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Jul 022016

dnc2016Clackamas County is sending eight delegates and one alternate to the Democratic National Convention later this month in Philadelphia.

Six were elected at the 3rd and 5th Congressional District Conventions on June 4, two more delegates and one alternate were chosen June 18 at the state-wide convention in Portland.

Hillary Clinton pledged delegates will be County Democratic Chair Rosie Stephens, House District 38 Co-Leader Kathy Gordon, Christine Chin Ryan, State Rep. Shemia Fagan, and House District 37 Co-Leader Mary Shortall as Alternate.

Bernie Sanders pledged delegates will be Cheryl Fisher, Lisa Ortiz, Kevin Hunt, and Alex Josephy.

All delegates are paying their own transportation, room, and related expenses.

This year’s delegates represent a very diverse contingent that exceeded all the goals that were set.

African American
Asian/Pacific Islander
Hispanic/Latino/a American
Native American
People with Disabilities
Jun 162016

dnc2016Clackamas County is sending at least six of Oregon’s 74 delegates to the National Democratic Convention starting July 25 in Philadelphia. They were selected by fellow Democrats at congressional district conventions June 4. Following the proportional lines of the primary election, roughly 57 percent of the elected Oregon delegates will represent Senator Bernie Sanders and 43 percent will carry Secretary Hillary Clinton’s standard.

Most impressive was Clackamas County’s performance in the seven-county 5th Congressional District, where five of the seven delegates elected from dozens of aspirants are from Clackamas. County Democratic Chair Rosie Stephens will be in the Hillary Clinton delegation, along with Kathy Gordon. Both live in Lake Oswego. Representing Bernie Sanders will be four newcomers, including Cheryl Fisher, Milwaukie; Lisa Ortiz, Lake Oswego; and Alex Josephy, Oregon City, all of Clackamas. Continue reading »

Jun 122016
Kathleen Taylor

Clackamas County will seat four new legislators in January with the replacement of Representatives Brent Barton, Shemia Fagan, John Davis, and Kathleen Taylor. Taylor is advancing to the Senate, and the other three are retiring.


Kathleen Taylor

Clackamas has 10 members in the lower house, five Democrats and five Republicans, and five senators. But Democrat Taylor marks the only change in the Senate as Democrat Diane Rosenbaum is retiring. Taylor beat John Sweeney in the primary and there is no Republican candidate in Senate District 21, which includes Milwaukie and part of Southeast Portland.

Replacing Taylor, who did one term in the House, will most likely be Milwaukie City Councilor Karin Power, a Democrat. She was unopposed in the House District 41 primary and faces Republican Tim McMenamin (trying for a third straight election) in November. This seat has long been held by Democrats, and Power should retain it for the progressives. She amassed 10,338 primary votes to McMenamin’s 2,747. He is a pharmacist. She is an attorney. Continue reading »

Jun 102016

where the fight isClackamas County voters fell short in primary election turnout compared to state-wide voting, but there were some notable exceptions. State-wide turnout was 51.7 percent; in Clackamas the overall response was a shade under 50 percent.

While Bernie Sanders took the state-wide presidential race by 57.9 percent to 42.4 percent in winning every county but one (Gilliam voted 101-100 for Hillary Clinton), his edge in Clackamas was narrower — 50.1 percent to 45.4 percent. Lane County’s 60.4 percent for Bernie topped the state; massive Multnomah gave him 58.8 percent.

Democrats dramatically outperformed Republicans across Oregon with a 66.7 percent turnout compared to 57.9 percent Republican. Independent Partyers voted at a 36.3 percent clip and non-affiliated voters hit 19.9 percent; that makes sense because both groups were shut out of party primaries. Continue reading »

County Commission Races Offer Serious Choices

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Jun 012016

By Peter Toll


Jim Bernard

ken portrait.small

Ken Humberston


Martha Schrader

Hardworking Clackamas County Democrats can share the credit for success in key local non-partisan primary election races as they gear up for the fall. Here’s a brief look at the results and some key campaign issues. Continue reading »