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Democrats Score Very, Very Well in County Nonpartisan Elections


Clackamas County Democrats worked hard, smart, and effectively for their candidates in special nonpartisan elections May 16, and the result was a majority of victories, some of them surprises, in contested races.

Probably the most impressive was in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District with three seats up for grabs, including incumbent board chair Regan Sonnen Molatore, of Stafford. She was re-elected, but the two men she recruited and supported both lost. Successful Democratic newcomers are Dylan Hydes, of West Linn, and Ginger Fitch, Wilsonville. Both are attorneys.

Winning the Zone 7 slot on the Clackamas Community College Board was Irene Konev of Canby. (Dave Hunt, of Gladstone, was unopposed in his race.) She ran unsuccessfully for the city council recently. Continue reading

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Republicans Will Cut the Services While We Pay the Bills — and More

By Peter Toll

National headlines often state humongous numbers while those of us out here in the hinterlands feel less and less in control as Republicans try to gut funding for vital social problems and hand us the bill while passing on grandiose tax savings to the ultra-rich.

So how does President Trump’s proposed Waldencare legislation and tax plan impact us financially? Trump wants to gut your health care and drop all deductions for state, local and property taxes. Continue reading

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OPINION: Does ICE celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Item: Cinco de Mayo is not a Mexican national holiday. However, it is observed in the Mexican city of Puebla, which is where the Mexican Army defeated French soldiers in a battle toward freedom in 1862. Commercial liquor and food interests have created the U.S. semi-holiday.

By William Street

May fifth binds Mexicans and Americans as we celebrate and are reminded of the wealth of contributions made to our lives by Mexican and Hispanic culture (hot sauce, tequila, a passion for living, a lyrical language, a pace of living counter to our industrial get-it-done-yesterday approach, appreciation of family, and a deep spirituality, to name a few).

Yet on May fifth, as every other work day of the year, Hispanics residing in Clackamas County and throughout Oregon, both documented and unauthorized, are routinely subjected to harassment, detention, and deportation without access to the fundamental freedom of our legal system and culture: due process. Continue reading

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Clackamas County Second Healthiest in Oregon

business hand pushing financial funding button on a touch screen interface

Breathe deeply, neighbor, and smell that fresh air. No doubt that is a key contributor to a recent declaration of Clackamas County as one of the healthiest counties in Oregon, second only to neighboring Washington County.

This is a measurement of the population, not any other measure such as financially healthy, spiritually healthy or industrially/commercially healthy. Air quality, no doubt, is part of it. But the sociological and physical issues are only part of it, according to a recent study by the non-profit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Continue reading

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ROBERT F.P. LUDWICK for Sunrise Water Authority Zone 5


Occupation: Software Development Manager at HostBaby, Occupational Background: Software Engineering Manager at Playtika

Educational Background: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Business Administration Prior Governmental Experience: None

We have come to expect our steady, plentiful supply of clean water. Most of us don’t know where it comes from specifically, and don’t know where it goes when we’re – ahem – done with it. But without it for three days – we die! Water is terribly important. In our case, if we live in a hefty-sized area of central Clackamas County, our water comes from the Sunrise Water Authority. It serves Happy Valley, Clackamas Town Center, and a lot more.

Today’s water systems are under attack. Leaky pipes are losing precious water (up to 30% in some areas of our county). Pumps are breaking down. Not to mention the changes in our natural water supply from river drainages prompted by global warming.

ROBERT LUDWICK – FRESH IDEAS, NEW PERSPECTIVE Technology changes are coming faster and faster. As a software engineer, I am very close to technology and staying abreast of change. I am also not afraid to tackle problems, especially when they concern our precious water.

Rapid growth is a concern, too. We all know “institutional memory” can be advantageous. But it loses its value when it leads to settling into a comfort area rather than stepping forward into an area of less familiarity and less comfort. That’s why fresh ideas and perspectives are useful and necessary. If you agree with me – if you think it important that we are open to new ideas and must capitalize on modern technology to address our challenges – I appreciate your support.