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Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici to be Keynote Speaker at Roosevelt Dinner

The Clackamas Democrats are honored to host Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici as the keynote speaker at the Roosevelt Dinner & Auction on November 11th. Congresswoman Bonamici was first elected to the U.S. Congress in a special election in January of 2012. Previously she served in the Oregon House and Senate. We are excited that she will be joining us for an evening with friends, candidates, and politicians at the biggest fundraising event of the year, the Roosevelt Dinner & Auction, to be held at the Tualatin Country Club. Continue reading

OR Motor Voters: To Convert Them or not Convert Them? That is the Question

By William Street

There is an informal discussion bubbling up at many Clackamas Democratic Committee meetings these days. Sides are being taken on a basic campaign approach:

Should the party allocate resources to attempt to sign up nonaffiliated (Motor Voter) citizens and seek to get them to re-register with a party affiliation? Or, instead, focus on getting more Democrats out to vote?

Unfortunately, “facts” can’t make the difficult priority resource decisions any easier. However, they can offer some insights to make a decision from a more “informed” position.

An analysis of Oregon’s Motor Voter election activity gives ammo to both sides. Continue reading

Republicans Will Cut the Services While We Pay the Bills — and More

By Peter Toll

National headlines often state humongous numbers while those of us out here in the hinterlands feel less and less in control as Republicans try to gut funding for vital social problems and hand us the bill while passing on grandiose tax savings to the ultra-rich.

So how does President Trump’s proposed Waldencare legislation and tax plan impact us financially? Trump wants to gut your health care and drop all deductions for state, local and property taxes. Continue reading

Gorsuch Nomination: a Payback to Wall Street

Judge Neil Gorsuch was on the Hobby Lobby case which granted corporations, as natural persons, the right to violate the religious freedom cause of the US Constitution.

This strategy of packing the court, if successful, could threaten fundamental rights in America, including workers’ right to organize, women’s reproductive rights, and the rights of ordinary citizens to have their voices heard in elections rather than being drowned out by the corrupting influence of dark money from the richest Americans.

— Sen. Jeff Merkley Continue reading

Help Defeat a Land Grab in the Willamette Valley

From 1000 Friends of Oregon

SB 186 would undo specific rural reserve designations in Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties, thereby opening up certain areas designated as “rural reserves” for eventual development. It would undermine the region’s multi-year effort to come to a consensus about where long-term growth should — and should not — happen.

Recall that a major purpose of Urban & Rural Reserves is to provide landowners, cities and counties certainty for the longer term on how the land could be used. It should prevent land speculation where political pressure is used to change zoning. This bill would break that contract; where certainty was promised, the rules are changed just because a small number of wealthy individual land owners did not get their way. Continue reading