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ROBERT F.P. LUDWICK for Sunrise Water Authority Zone 5


Occupation: Software Development Manager at HostBaby, Occupational Background: Software Engineering Manager at Playtika

Educational Background: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Computer Science, Bachelor of Arts; University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Business Administration Prior Governmental Experience: None

We have come to expect our steady, plentiful supply of clean water. Most of us don’t know where it comes from specifically, and don’t know where it goes when we’re – ahem – done with it. But without it for three days – we die! Water is terribly important. In our case, if we live in a hefty-sized area of central Clackamas County, our water comes from the Sunrise Water Authority. It serves Happy Valley, Clackamas Town Center, and a lot more.

Today’s water systems are under attack. Leaky pipes are losing precious water (up to 30% in some areas of our county). Pumps are breaking down. Not to mention the changes in our natural water supply from river drainages prompted by global warming.

ROBERT LUDWICK – FRESH IDEAS, NEW PERSPECTIVE Technology changes are coming faster and faster. As a software engineer, I am very close to technology and staying abreast of change. I am also not afraid to tackle problems, especially when they concern our precious water.

Rapid growth is a concern, too. We all know “institutional memory” can be advantageous. But it loses its value when it leads to settling into a comfort area rather than stepping forward into an area of less familiarity and less comfort. That’s why fresh ideas and perspectives are useful and necessary. If you agree with me – if you think it important that we are open to new ideas and must capitalize on modern technology to address our challenges – I appreciate your support.


SARA POCKLINGTON for Lake Oswego School Board

Occupation: Nike, Technology Accounting Director; Certified Public Accountant . Occupational Background: Finance Manager, WWE; Senior Auditor, Deloitte

Educational Background: University of Oregon, BS, Accounting

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, LOSD Safety and Technology Committee; School Captain, LO Schools Foundation; Technology Liaison, River Grove Elementary

Strongest Leader for the Future

• Board-certified CPA. As the board’s only CPA, I’ll bring deep experience in financial governance and oversight. I’ll work to find budget efficiencies to keep more of your tax dollars in the classroom. I’ll ensure that bond proceeds are spent as promised and investments are managed wisely.

• Diverse Perspective. I will be the only school board member with elementary students in LO (third and first graders) and one of only two women on the school board.

• Academics + Arts + Athletics. Research shows that kids who feel connected to their school community have better academic outcomes. I’ll support continued investment in programs that foster connectedness, across disciplines.

• STEAM Advocate. The World Economic Forum reports that “a projected 65% of children entering grade school will work in jobs that do not exist today.” To begin preparing our students for the economy of the future I’ll advocate strongly for a comprehensive computer science and technology curriculum.


Endorsed by many  local Community Leaders including :

“Sara will bring fresh perspective and a keen accounting eye to the LOSD school budget at a time when strong fiscal management is critical.” – Joe Buck, Lake Oswego City Councilor

“The LOSEA is endorsing Sara because she understands today’s students and best represents our community’s values.” – Melissa Siegel, Lake Oswego School Employee Association President

“As an elementary mom, Sara will represent and advocate for Lake· Oswego’s elementary school students, parents and communities.” – Kristy Cory, Forest Hills Elementary parent leader

“Sara is dedicated, innovative, and level-headed. She takes the time to solicit input and do her homework to fully understand the issues she is working on.” Lake Oswego Review, 02/16/17 – Dan McKenzie, LO resident, VP of Nike Global Accounting

to CONNECT WITH SARA on her website

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KATHY WAI for North Clackamas School Board

I became US Citizen in 2007, and registered as a Democrat right away with my grandpa. It was a life-changing moment in 2008, as I voted in my first election for our country’s first African American President. I know first-hand the power of a strong public education and how it can transform the lives of students and their families. In public schools, I started learning English in 2nd grade and had to navigate a new educational system not only for myself, but my parents as well. I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate from college, and I bring a student and community advocate’s voice to our school board.

Because education has transformed my life, I’ve focused my entire career on advocating for students and working families. I’ve mentored and coached high school students so they can graduate and find the right path. I’ve worked with parents and organized them so they can create positive change in their child’s education. I have also worked with our state legislators and other elected leaders on policy to benefit English Language Learners, working families, and communities of color in Oregon. Through the values I carry, and experiences I bring in creating effective partnerships, listening to communities, and focusing on the success of all children, I will be a positive addition to our school board.

Occupation: Civic Engagement Manager, APANO

Occupational Background: Girls Inc., 211info, SEIU Local 503, Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

Educational Background: St. Mary’s Academy, 2004; Portland State University, Community Health, 2007, BS, Summa Cum Laude Prior Governmental Experience: United States Census Volunteer (2010); Taskforce on Minority Language Materials (2015); Precinct Committee Person

I am running for school board to support all of our students and their families. Every student deserves a quality education, a fair shot at success, and diversity is our strength. I have lived in the district with my family for 12 years, and have a decade of experience building successful partnerships. As an Academic Success Program Coordinator, I’ve worked with over 100 high-risk youth and their families through wraparound case management services.

As a Community Organizer, I’ve listened to the needs of diverse groups, and launched community-driven campaigns for affordable housing, healthcare, and English learner education. As a Civic Engagement Manager, I have built visibility for marginalized communities; I have specifically trained youth and parent leaders to testify in front of lawmakers to help bring positive change to Oregon.

My guiding principles:

  • Partnership that builds trust between schools and families.
  • Inclusive practices that support students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Empowering marginalized voices to be at the decision making table.

Having seen the lack of leadership positions for women, Kathy decided to participate in Emerge Oregon, in hopes of running for elected office someday. She graduated from the program in 2013, and wants to inspire young women of color to be in elected office.

Awards Equity in Practice, 2016, Spirit of Portland Exemplary Volunteer, 2010, Asian Reporter Community Leadership, 2010, David Douglas HS

Endorsements : 

  • Representative Jeff Reardon Rep. Karin Power
  • Dave Hunt, Clackamas Community College Board
  • Angel Falconer, Milwaukie City Councilor
  • Linda Chelsky, CHS ASPIRE Mentor
  • Dr. Alma M.O. Trinidad, PhD, Happy Valley parent and social work professor
  • Clackamas Democrats

“A dedicated community advocate, Kathy will bring real-world dialogue and a 21st century perspective to district decisionmaking, focused on success for ALL students.” Cheryl Myers, former NCSD Board Chair

“Kathy brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. Her personal and professional experiences uniquely qualify her to be a voice for students and parents of NCSD.” Ashley Lawrence, Childcare Director, Former Special Education Teacher, NCSD Parent

Connect with Kathy

On her Website at

on Facebook at Kathyforschoolboard 


DYLAN HYDES for WestLinn/Wilsonville School Board

Occupation: Attorney; Volunteer work: Little League coach; board member of Voqal, a nonprofit working to improve civics education; classroom volunteer; and mock trial judge. Occupational Background: Middle school Social Studies teacher; Chair of History Department and nominated Teacher-of-the-Year; deputy f inance director

Educational Background: J.D., Lewis & Clark Law School, Masters of Education; University of Oregon; B.A., Linfield College, (History) Prior Governmental Experience: Citizens Budget Advisory Committee, District Attorney’s Office; U.S. Senate Intern

My wife and I have two active students in the school district. Our community is deservedly proud of its district, and does an outstanding job supporting it. If elected, I would work diligently to preserve the success we have already achieved and expand on that success.

As a school board member, I would focus my efforts on:

1. Advocating for Kids – As a coach, parent, and former public school teacher, I understand there is no greater investment than our children. I envision a District with smaller class sizes; state-of-the-art facilities; students free from bullying; and schools that provide avenues of success for all students.

2. Building Relationships – District success is maximized when the School Board works closely with you-parents, teachers, and the community. I would invite ideas from those I represent, and do my best to meaningfully incorporate those ideas into District action.

3. Transparency and Accountability – I would ensure careful compliance with budget and audit laws; evidence-based decision making; strategic investment of taxpayer dollars to maximize student benefit; and adequate notice of meetings so you can be brought into the process before major decisions affecting you are made. As an attorney and veteran of board oversight, I can offer an analytical mind and hard-working ethos. I commit to serving our communities with civility, openness, and respect.

ENDORSEMENTS : Jim Bernard – Chair of Clackamas County Commission Ken Humberston – Clackamas County Commissioner Brenda Perry – President of West Linn City Council Teri Cummings – West Linn City Councilor Charlotte Lehan – Wilsonville City Councilor

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EMILY FARRER for Oregon City School Board

Occupation: Director of Cyber Security & Infrastructure Program Delivery Occupational Background: Program Manager – IT

Educational Background: Berkeley HAAS School of Business, Executive Leadership; Portland Community College, Business

I believe in setting high expectations for our students. No matter their aptitude or proficiency, every child will benefit by striving for their personal best. We must work to meet and exceed local and state requirements. Our job is to prepare all our students to be ready to meet their future and confidently take on the next challenge whether it is higher education, technical training or stepping into a job.

My background includes working in corporate business management and program delivery. I will leverage my diverse background to focus on fiscal responsibility, policy development, and unity within the district, working to create an ideal learning environment for all students. To have an effective functional system, school board members must understand the budget, its revenues and expenditures and the implications of each. The way the board spends its money conveys where its priorities are. Mine is to provide the opportunity for all our students to receive the best education possible.

As a parent with children in the district, my passion to serve the children of our community also includes a call to serve their most valuable resource for development, their teachers and school administrators. We must have committed, highly effective teachers, a rigorous curriculum and classes designed to inspire and stimulate our students. I am absolutely convinced that all of us have the same goal in mind, the success and welfare of our students. With that common objective, it becomes possible to work together respectfully to find solutions to the challenges that stand in our way.

Our schools are on the cusp of greatness and I believe we can do better. I will work tirelessly to shift our schools from great to exceptional to ensure the academic & social success of our children.


on her website at  

or on Facebook page at emilyfarrerschoolboard  

MARTHA L. SPIERS for Oregon City School Board


Occupation: Clinic Manager, Clackamas County, Behavioral Health (Present)
Occupational Background: Clinical Social Worker, Program Supervisor – Clackamas County, Behavioral Health; Director of Crisis Services, Center for Mental Health (Waltham MA)
Educational Background: Simmons College, Social Work, MSW; Dartmouth College, Religion/Women’s Studies, BA


Quality public education is the foundation of our democracy, our status in a global economy, and in diverting the school to prison pipeline which has often been the fate of children with less privilege, or with abuse, neglect or substance abuse in their families. It is our very best investment. Public school allows youth from different backgrounds to interact together as equals. In an era where adults are so ideologically divided it is increasingly important that our children have this experience, learning to listen and to respect each other.

We have all seen our schools lose their position as best in the nation. We know class sizes are much too large. While my family has had a great experience with our daughter at Beavercreek Elementary, I will strive to improve the quality of our school system for all Oregon City public school children and their families.

MARTHA’S DAILY WORK QUALIFIES HER As a Clinical Social Worker with 30 years in increasingly responsible management positions, I have worked with domestic violence survivors, abused and neglected children, people with mental illnesses, and prisoners. I have developed collaborative relationships with law enforcement, juvenile justice, families of people with mental illness, equity leaders and many others. Early detection and intervention to help save children’s lives begins in school. We must cost-effectively improve and enhance our schools. When we do, the entire community benefits.

We need Martha’s experience and leadership to improve our children’s lives.


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