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Sanctuary Cities Fight Back; History Providing Direction

By William Street

Rights of individual states vs. federal authority have been contentious since the founding of this country. “Don’t tread on me,” New Hampshire’s motto aimed at the British, can now be applied to many cities, states and counties opposing Trump’s egregious deportation policies.

Today we see more states, including Oregon, and more counties, hopefully including soon our own Clackamas, and more cities, including several in Oregon, declaring that the Feds cannot come into our turf and apply their policy at the expense of our neighbors. Continue reading

From the Chair

By Peter Nordbye

They Will Never Come for Me

We know it is happening even here. The federal government is using its entire repressive apparatus to detain U.S. and Clackamas County residents without due process and without just cause. The level of fear in many of our agricultural communities across the county is palpable.

Children are being withheld from school.

Crimes are not being reported. Continue reading

Pro-Trumpers in County Plan March to Support Him

It had to happen. Some local characters are fed up with all these popular anti-Trump marches, so they’re going to respond with their own pro-Trump event in Lake Oswego on March 4.

Kevin Kerwin owns a computer repair store prominently positioned (for political signs, which he displayed during the election) at the busy intersection of A and State Streets. State is also Highway 43, a main traffic arterial for commuters to Portland.

Kerwin, proud of Trump’s activities and record, said the march will be on sidewalks, thereby avoiding the need for permits (and, we suspect, because he’s only expecting a handful of people to participate) or simply reaffirming Republicans truly disdain certain regulations.

Already the word is out that groups are organizing a counter-march to Kerwin’s effort, at this point the only one of its kind in Oregon, though there are others planned nation-wide.

Check out this link for more about this strange but not unexpected occurrence.

Gorsuch Nomination: a Payback to Wall Street

Judge Neil Gorsuch was on the Hobby Lobby case which granted corporations, as natural persons, the right to violate the religious freedom cause of the US Constitution.

This strategy of packing the court, if successful, could threaten fundamental rights in America, including workers’ right to organize, women’s reproductive rights, and the rights of ordinary citizens to have their voices heard in elections rather than being drowned out by the corrupting influence of dark money from the richest Americans.

— Sen. Jeff Merkley Continue reading

That’s It! No More Electoral College!

By Jim Gilbert

That was the essence of my remarks at the Central Committee meeting on Jan. 19. I spoke on the eve of the inauguration of Donald Trump, the second candidate in 16 years to become president without receiving a majority of the votes cast. We all know what happened after George W. Bush was so elected in 2000, and the consequences of a Trump presidency look to be even more dire.

With almost 3 million more votes than Trump, Hillary Clinton would be president in virtually every other democratic country. The reason she isn’t president in the U.S. is because of our archaic and peculiar method of electing a president.

Continue reading

Clackamas Democrats March for Women’s Rights

Several Clackamas Democrats traveled to the nation’s capital to participate in the massive Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21st, including Chris Roth, and former Leader of the Oregon House Dave Hunt who went with his daughters. Throughout the day, we posted photos and reports from Chris on the Clackamas Dems Facebook page.

A large number of our fellow Clackamas Democrats joined 100,000 marchers in the PDX Women’s March. Around 60 people indicated they would attend in a straw poll at the Clackamas Dems Central Committee on Jan 19th. Marchers include Rep. Ann Lininger, Lisa Ortiz, Connie Lee, Clarity Sanderson, Mark Gamba, Cornelia Gibson, and many others.

Congratulations to all our marchers for a wildly successful, awe-inspiring event. Add a comment below if you attended, or send your photos to gro.s1495674895medsa1495674895makca1495674895lc@re1495674895tsamb1495674895ew1495674895.