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We Know We Tax Business Much Too Low; How About Some Solid, Sensible Solutions?

County citizens and other Oregonians pay about three times as much in individual state taxes as they did 25 years ago. Business pays one-third of it. Back then business paid two-thirds. Now it’s upside-down.

In fact, only two states tax businesses less than Oregon — Alaska and Maryland. That’s the news legislators learned this week from a non-partisan study.

Legislators are wrestling with a $1.8 billion shortfall this year, which would’ve been met had Measure 97 passed in November. It would’ve practically reversed the business vs. citizen tax ratio.

Here’s the full story with charts and the whole works from Oregon Live. And some responsible solutions from the Oregon Center for Public Policy.

Rally in Salem to Support Climate Change Legislation

Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba will lead interested citizens to Salem Wednesday, March 1, for a 1 pm rally on the capitol steps concerning positive steps addressing climate change.

A carbon tax and cap and investment program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions covered in SB 557 and SB 748 will be heard in Hearing Room F at 3 pm.

Gamba said it is time to “demand bold state leadership on climate.” These pieces of legislation are part of that package.

You are encouraged to join the rally. There is no charge to attend the rally and/or to testify in favor of these bills.

Carpooling is recommended.

Clackamas Democrats Support the National Popular Vote Compact

On Thursday Feb. 16, the Clackamas County Democratic Party Central Committee approved the attached resolution, which supports Representative Brian Clem’s bill HB 2731: “Enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote.”

You can track the progress of HB 2731 here.

The New Yorker Takes a Very Close Look at Our Revved Up Governor, Kate Brown

One of the advantages of travel, of getting away from your home base, is the idea of being able to look back at your scene with a fresh perspective; either from afar or upon your return.

The way we can make use of that approach to our own state’s political leadership is by viewing it from the eyes of an out-of-stater writing for a highly considered East Coast-based publication.

In this case, we get an outsider’s look at Oregon Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat and a self-described radical feminist, in The New Yorker.

Gilliam, Very Ill, Resigns Legislative Position

One of Clackamas County’s five Republican members of the Oregon House, Vic Gilliam, resigned his seat two days before the legislature was set to convene Feb. 1. He is 63.

Rep. Gilliam, of Silverton, has been very ill with ALS, reportedly unable to leave his home to campaign in the Republican-dominated House District 18 when he ran against Democrat Tom Kane last year. Regardless of his efforts, he was easily re-elected. Continue reading

Is Ron Wyden the Next Senator Sam?

Most heroes don’t set out on a path of heroics. Instead, they’re thrust into a sudden situation where their character is unexpectedly revealed.

Oregon has had two such men in recent history. Both were U.S. senators. Another just might come from that same branch of government. Continue reading