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Oregon Secretary of State Asks: Can We Learn from Trump?

By William Street, HD 40 Co-Leader

In what appears to be a clear violation of the standards of the office of secretary of state, the Oregon official charged with overseeing all elections in Oregon, Secretary Richardson has mastered the Trump administration’s “conflict of interest” ethos.

In a newsletter issued November 29, 2017 he writes:

Soon Oregon voters will be considering whether or not to approve tax increases intended to provide additional funding to the OHA. With such abysmal examples of OHA misfeasance and obfuscation, OHA faces tough questions about its credibility and its ability to appropriately spend the money it is provided.

—Dennis Richardson

This is clearly an appeal to voters to vote NO on Measure 101, a bipartisan health care bill designed to protect more than 60,000 Oregon children and stabilize insurance markets for millions more. Continue reading

My View: Gun Control Laws Do Make a Difference

By Paul Kemp
(reprinted by permission of the author)

There is no denying that gun violence is a complex problem. But as a founding board member of Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership, I know there are some evidence-based steps that Oregon’s leaders can take to help the roughly 450 Oregonians who die every year from gun violence.

On the evening of Dec. 11, 2012, I planned to meet my brother-in-law, Steve Forsyth, at the Clackamas Town Center mall. That afternoon, I received a frantic call from my sister; there had been a shooting at the mall.

When I arrived on the scene, I stood alongside my sister and niece for hours before learning that Steve had been shot and killed with a stolen, unlocked assault rifle. Steve was shot while on the phone with his father. Continue reading

Clackamas Democrats Share Statewide Growth Interest at the Oregon Summit

Several Clackamas County Democrats attended the speech-laden, workshop-driven Oregon Democratic Summit at Sunriver recently.

Among those on hand: Clackamas Chair Peter Nordbye and Blythe Nordbye, County Commissioner Ken Humberston, State Representative Mark Meek, state senate candidates Charles Gallia and Shemia Fagan, county clerk candidate Pamela White, John DeHaas, Rosie Stephens, Christine Chin Ryan, Jan Lee, Mary Shortall, Kathy Gordon, Greg McPherson, Mike and Theresa Kohlhoff, and Peter Toll.

Keynote speakers included Governor Kate Brown, US Senator Jeff Merkley, Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner Brad Avakian, State Treasurer Tobias Read, as well as three members of Congress: Suzanne Bonamici, Peter DeFazio, and Kurt Schrader, among others.

Here’s what the Portland Tribune reporter saw.

A Message for Our Democratic Leaders

Fellow Democrats,

Like most of you, I found Donna Brazile’s book excerpt released yesterday, distressing and very hard to swallow.

Whether you were a Hillary supporter or a Bernie supporter or just a committed Democrat fighting for the election of Democrats up and down the ticket I’m certain that you were profoundly disappointed to learn that our national party had become so financially weak as to be completely dependent on one candidate for its survival. Continue reading

Trump Tax Plan Clear: Rich get Richer, Rest of Us Get Hurt

One of the best things Oregon’s junior U.S. Senator has been doing is making clear declarations of what legislation the Trump-Ryan-McConnell cabal is putting forth and its direct, specific impacts on Oregonians.

No gobbledygook, no jive, no “it’s too complicated” for even the average high school graduate to understand it. Nope, just the straight talk from Sen. Jeff Merkley on what a debacle this horrible legislation can be for Oregonians and others.

Check out the links below.

How the Republican Tax Giveaway to the Wealthy Would Hurt Oregon Families

Merkley: GOP tax plan hikes taxes on nearly 1 in 5 households

Musical Chairs in the Legislature?

Musical chairs in the political arena may be under way in Senate District 19, which comprises House Districts 37 and 38. That district stretches from western Tualatin north to Lake Oswego and east to Stafford and West Linn.

The Oregonian reported State Senator Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin, is unclear as to his re-election bid, even though he has filed for re-election. A veteran and expert on the legislature’s Joint Ways & Means Committee (which handles the entire state budget), Sen. Devlin is held in high regard by his colleagues and rarely faces a serious race at home.

His departure would open the seat for two (of 60) State Representatives to possibly advance to the 30-member Senate. Most prominent is Rep. Julie Parrish of HD 37, a West Linn Republican. Also possibly in play could be recently-appointed Democratic Rep. Andreas Salinas, of Lake Oswego’s HD 38.

Both told The Oregonian they’re not running. If one does, however, that would open up a House seat. Hence the musical chairs.