Clackamas Democratic Party-Led Coalition Helps County Embrace Inclusivity Resolution

By William Street

Chair Peter Nordbye

What started as a draft resolution from the Clackamas County Democratic Party Resolution committee, which was recommended by the Executive Committee and adopted unanimously by the Clackamas County Democratic Central Committee, recently became an official policy of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

“Today Clackamas County is more inclusive, more aware, and a marginally safer place for all residents because of the bold and creative action of our Board of County Commissioners and all the organizations that partnered with the Democratic Party,” said Clackamas County Democratic Party Chair Peter Nordbye.

“I thank Jerry Greenfield, chair of our Resolutions Committee, all of our House District Leaders on the Executive Committee and the unanimous support provided by our Central Committee. This is an example of what the party can do when we are united in a common cause to make our county a better place for all.”

Chairman Jim Bernard stated part of his motivation in support of the resolution when he said, “Silence is the moral equivalent of consent.” Commissioner Ken Humberston read the resolution upon its unanimous adoption by the Board of County Commissioners. (See video below)

Commissioner Martha Schrader spoke of her Italian heritage and the struggles of her great-grandparents. Commissioner Paul Savas identified his Greek heritage and how his family lost their language and his ability to speak Greek for fear of discrimination.

Given the county’s unique legal status as defendant in one of the landmark lawsuits brought by a Latina detained (what turned out to be illegally) by federal immigration agents in Clackamas County, it will be interesting to see if the Trump Administration seeks yet another confrontation with the federal and state courts on this issue.