GOP Robocalls may be suppressing voters

Cyber OperatorSome Democrats have reported receiving a misleading robocall which could essentially discourage people from voting, telling them that their voter registration is inactive and they would need to go to the county elections office. While this information is correct if the voter registration is inactive; this is reaching many people who are in fact active and can vote in the usual way. If you have a ballot, your voter registration is active, and you should vote in the normal way.  

Click here for a list of ballot dropbox locations in Clackamas County

There is an article in the Oregonian today that indicates this may be related to an Oregon GOP effort targeting inactive Republican voters, but we have other information that this is much more than that, and possibly more nefarious.

If you receive such a robocall, please document the caller ID and date and time, and let us know as soon as possible via a comment here or email us on