Public Pressure Aids Mt. Hood Community College Graduate, Latest Victim of ICE

Young adults who moved to this country and Oregon with their parents when they were very young, are being deported to a country where they’ve never lived, have no roots, and in some cases don’t even speak the language. The latest such misadventure in this area attracted a great deal of attention.

In violation of its own policies and procedures, ICE agents improperly seized Reynolds High School and Mt Hood Community College graduate, Rodriguez Dominguez, 25, from his Southeast Portland home in the early morning, Sunday March 26. Continue reading

DPO Looking for a Constituancy Organizing Coordinator

From Candy Emmons at the DPO:

Hello Community Leaders,

The Democratic Party of Oregon is seeking a highly qualified Full-Time Constituency Organizing Coordinator to join our team. The job announcement is linked below, please share with any interested parties that you think would be a good fit!

Thank you for all that you do!

DPO Evolves as SCC Elects New Leaders

By Peter Nordbye

Chair Jeanne Atkins

Oregon Democrats have new leaders today. State Central Committee (SCC) delegates elected four first-timers to positions for the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) at the annual reorganization meeting in Salem. (None of the incumbents sought re-election.)

Jeanne Atkins was elected state party chair. Chair Atkins recently served two years after being appointed to complete the Secretary of State term of Governor Kate Brown. The new chair brings a wealth of experience to the position including serving as chief of staff for Senator Jeff Merkley, staff attorney for the Women’s Equity Action League, public affairs director for Planned Parenthood and other positions.

Chair Atkins, who defeated Larry Taylor, promises to bring unity to the party by listening closely, being honest in communications, and empowering others. Continue reading

Local Bigot Closes Shop After Pro-Trump Rally Bombs

“Kevin the Geek” Moves His Business to a Red State with his “Fellow Deplorables”

By Peter Nordbye

Normally when a business closes, it is time for mourning. Every business is part of the fabric that makes up any community, and any loss has some degree of sadness. Except when the business used its privilege and position to taunt, promote hateful speech, and engage in questionable racial rhetoric on social media.

The computer repair store located on State St. in Lake Oswego is about as centrally situated as possible. If the old business advice of “location, location, location” was foolproof, this site would be perfect. Yet from this site, the owner used the central location to advertise not his business services but rather his political views. Continue reading

GOP War on the Arts Bad for Culture and County Ecomonics

Modern Day Community Crafted Totem at West Linn Public Library

The Clackamas tribe of the Chinook and their forebearers have occupied this county for at least 11,000 years and perhaps more than 20,000. What remains of their lives are their myths, their art, and their diet.

This is not unusual. Most cultures are remembered by their art, from the earliest cave painting in El Castillo in northern Spain dated at over 48,000 years old, to totem poles and canoes from Pacific Northwest tribes such as the Clackamas. Likewise, our lives and our place in history will be remembered by our contribution to art — be it creation myths, physical manifestations, or a view of our place in the world.

That’s the standard liberal take on the arts. Here’s a different approach. Continue reading

Around the County

Marchers, Anti-Marchers In Lake Oswego

By Peter Toll

What do peace, love, inclusiveness, and camaraderie have in common? They were all on the streets of Lake Oswego Saturday when some 700-800 folks came forth to make their views known about Donald Trump and his terrible deportation policies.

They outnumbered the March 4 Trump event across busy State Street and their message was loud and clear. In fact, when the pro-Trump march took place on that Saturday, the pro-inclusiveness marchers outnumber the Trumpers about 5-1.

More than 1,000 folks took to Lake Oswego’s main thoroughfare, State Street, in what has to be a first for that community of otherwise staid, quiet, but majority Democratic voters. They braved temperatures in the 30’s, spitting rain, hail, and sleet, to express their views. Continue reading