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Laurie Kilbourn Leads PCPs in Winning Votes

By Peter Toll

This month, your Central Committee’s 304 PCPs  welcomed 10 more newcomers into the ranks.

Of the 223 elected in May and since taking office, the biggest vote getters were Laurie Kilbourn, Lake Oswego, 469; Scott Gibson, of Lake Oswego, 448; Robert Zimmer, of Milwaukie, 444; Mike Litt and Bob Ely, of Willamette View Manor, 428; Jeanne Magmer, also of Willamette View, got 426. Mickey Ely had 421 and Jane Civiletti, Oak Grove, 415; and her husband, Tom Civiletti, 406.

Laurie and Scott are both in House District 38 whereas the rest of the leaders were in HD 41, a genuine Democratic stronghold. To get that many votes takes lots of Democrats casting ballots, and that is certainly the case in this instance. Continue reading

From the Chair

peter-nordbyeAs the newly elected chair of the Clackamas County Democratic Party, I fully understand the challenge facing our Democratic Party at the local, state and national levels. We must come together to hold on to the local offices we have won,to continue to elect progressive Democrats and, at all levels, to stop the reactionary movement represented by the election of Donald Trump.

While change within the party needs to occur, we must build on the excellent things we have accomplished through the hard work of many dedicated Democrats. At the same time, we must seek pathways to engage and involve the many new people who have recently joined us.

We need serious, honest, and respectful discussions about those things that have worked, those that require change, and those which need to be added. As we have already demonstrated, by working together we helped elect a new County Commission chair and a new county commissioner. These two commissioners will have a tremendously positive effect on how we conduct county business here. Continue reading

Reorganization Meeting Election Results Summary

Democratic Party of Clackamas County
Reorganization Meeting
November 17, 2016

Election Results Summary

(see the full election results here)


Chair: Peter Nordbye
Vice Chair: Erika Kane
Secretary: Scott Hays
Treasurer: Eric Carlson


Peter Nordbye (Ex Officio)
Mark Gamba
J. Kevin Hunt
Dan Riker

Erika Kane (Ex Officio)
Cheryl Fisher
Fiona Gwóźdź
Cornelia Gibson


Ken Chappuis
Craig Stephens
John DeHaas
James Freed

Kathy Gordon
Kate Greenfield
Christine Chin-Ryan
Jan Lee


Dan Riker
Peter Nordbye

Jan Lee


Scott Hays

Linda Garland
Marcia P. Brown


John DeHaas
Peter Toll
J. Kevin Hunt
Klaus Gibson

Cheryl Fisher
Cornelia Gibson
Grae Lewis


Jerry Greenfield
Craig Stephens
James Freed

Kate Greenfield
Rosie Stephens
Christine Irwin
Chris Lewis


HD 18 Erika Kane, Tom Kane
HD 26 Cornelia Gibson, Simon Springall
HD 35 Duaine Weston
HD 37 Ken Chappuis, Mary Shortall
HD 38 Kathy Gordon, Gary Thompson
HD 39 Naella Tesch, Grae Lewis
HD 40 Bill Street, Faith Leith
HD 41 Cheryl Fisher, Matthew Westergaard
HD 48 Dave McTeague, Justin Swall
HD 51 Dan Riker, Norm Tarowsky
HD 52 Dennis Ghelfi, Jan Lee

Are You Ready for the Reorganization Meeting?

The Clackamas County Democrats reorganize every two years at the November Central Committee Meeting. At that time, we elect new officers (chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer) and house district leaders, along with delegates to the State Central Committee and the two congressional district committees within our county (CD3 and CD5).

Meeting Information:
Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Time: 6:30-9:30 pm
Place: Elks Club Ballroom, 610 McLoughlin Blvd., Oregon City (behind the CCDP office)

Click here for detailed information about this meeting.

Nominations Wanted

The Nominations Subcommittee is currently seeking nominations for all the above positions. Nominations will be accepted until nominations for that position are closed at the November 17 reorganization meeting. Nominees whose names are submitted early can provide a written statement that will be sent to all Central Committee members.

If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, please see this memo from the Nominations Subcommittee.

Who Can Vote?

All PCPs can vote for house district leaders and the delegate positions. Only PCPs who were elected in last May’s primary can vote for the Clackamas County Democrats officers.

Out-of-State Corporations Aren’t Paying Their Fair Share

corporations_fair_share_poppin (1)

This is both a national and a global problem, but it hits Oregon harder than almost any other place: Oregon has the lowest corporate taxes in the country — by a lot. When corporations don’t pay taxes, working families are left with the burden of supporting our communities. And the results of this are felt in every community, every day: Our schools have been cut to the bone — We have the 3rd largest class sizes in the nation! — services for seniors are getting cut, and healthcare costs are skyrocketing.

Ben Unger of Our Oregon talked with us about this problem at our September meeting. You can read more about it on the Our Oregon website.


Single Payer, Special Announcement to Mark Thursday’s Clackamas Democrats Meeting

health care logoThis week’s meeting of Clackamas Democrats will bring two noteworthy bits of information: one is a report by PCP Don Klosterman, of Charbonneau, on Oregon’s single payer medical system, and the other is a surprise announcement concerning the State Democratic Party.

When half of the nation’s bankruptcies are directly attributable to people’s inability to pay their medical bills, something is wrong. When a person in emergency need of a physician at a hotel out of town is billed $850, but the bill is reduced to $280 once it is turned over to medical insurance, something is wrong.

These and other examples, not to mention the highest-priced medicine in the world without the highest quality performance, will be addressed in Don’s presentation, which begins at 7 pm. Doors open at 6:15 at the Operating Engineers Hall, 555 SE 1st, in Gladstone. See you there!