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Republicans Will Cut the Services While We Pay the Bills — and More

By Peter Toll

National headlines often state humongous numbers while those of us out here in the hinterlands feel less and less in control as Republicans try to gut funding for vital social problems and hand us the bill while passing on grandiose tax savings to the ultra-rich.

So how does President Trump’s proposed Waldencare legislation and tax plan impact us financially? Trump wants to gut your health care and drop all deductions for state, local and property taxes. Continue reading

Clackamas County Second Healthiest in Oregon

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Breathe deeply, neighbor, and smell that fresh air. No doubt that is a key contributor to a recent declaration of Clackamas County as one of the healthiest counties in Oregon, second only to neighboring Washington County.

This is a measurement of the population, not any other measure such as financially healthy, spiritually healthy or industrially/commercially healthy. Air quality, no doubt, is part of it. But the sociological and physical issues are only part of it, according to a recent study by the non-profit Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Continue reading

Clackamas County Political Round-Up

By Peter Toll

Nobody in Clackamas County’s Democratic circles is sitting around resting on their laurels after the election.


We’re live here in Portland, rallying to Save Health Care. SHARE this post with your friends and let’s build this movement to protect our helth care from Donald Trump and his buddies in the Republican Congress!

Posted by Jeff Merkley on Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our two re-elected members of Congress, Earl Blumenauer, of Portland, and Kurt Schrader, of Canby, participated in a health care rally put on by Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden. Thousands showed up, including several from Clackamas County, to show President-elect Trump how Oregonians feel about dumping the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading

Health Care for All Oregon Rally on Feb. 11

hcao rallyHealth Care for All Oregon (HCAO) supporters will descend on the Capitol steps in Salem on Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 11 am to 1 pm, to rally and call on state legislators to act on a proposal to provide a “Medicare for All” health care system that covers everyone with no co-pays and deductibles.

The rally program includes speakers such as Senator Michael Denbrow and music from Oregon performers such as Norm Sylvester singing “The Health Care Blues,” the Raging Grannies, Salem’s Dr. Atomic, Anne Weiss, and David Rovics, along with”Mad as Hell Minutes,” when individuals can share their own health care stories.

Health Care for All Oregon is a coalition of over 100 organizations supporting the HCAO mission: “To create a comprehensive, equitable, affordable, publicly funded, high quality, universal health care system serving everyone in Oregon and the United States.” Coalition members include unions, businesses, advocacy organizations, and political, religious and local community groups from around Oregon. To learn more or to be one of the 2500 people participating in the rally see http://hcao.org/Rally-on-the-capitol-steps-2015/ or register at www.hcaoRally.net.

Health Care ‘Open Enrollment’ Info Provided Here

Concept Of Us National Healthcare System - State Of Oregon“Open enrollment” for health care began Saturday and continues through Dec. 15. Many Clackamas County folks call this the month of confusion because of all the mixed information floating about. Example: If you live in Clackamas County you have to enroll for Medicare Plan B (presuming you’re over 65 and already have Plan A) at county offices. Wrong. Social Security now handles that, and you can do it over the web or on the phone; they’ll mail you the easy paperwork. Continue reading

Video: Rep. Fagan Proposes Fix to Cover Oregon

State Rep. Shemia Fagan, a Democratic first-termer from part of northern Clackamas County (think Happy Valley to Damascus) and East Portland, is stepping up in addressing Cover Oregon’s problems rolling out this badly needed health care coverage for all Oregonians. She explained the legislation she will propose at next week’s legislative session on a recent television news/civics program.