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Around the County – 4/4/17

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County has a new legislator, and history repeats itself.

Silverton Mayor Rick Lewis was selected by commissioners from Marion and Clackamas Counties to succeed Vic Gilliam, also of Silverton, in the Oregon House of Representatives. Gilliam, very ill with Lou Gehrig’s disease, resigned Jan. 30 after his re-election in District 18.

Oregon law dictates that a replacement be from the same party (Republican, in this case,) and come from a short list of candidates submitted to commissioners by local party representatives. As Marion has more people in District 18 than Clackamas does, votes were appropriately weighted. Continue reading

A Congressional Update from Congressman Schrader

(Copied from Rep. Schrader’s email)

rep. schrader header image

Dear Friends–

The past few months in Congress have been a whirlwind and I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to lately.

My work on the Energy and Commerce Committee has kept me busy and we’ve had some bipartisan achievements, including reforming the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula. This problem had been lingering for decades and Congress took an encouraging step forward, assuring that seniors get to see doctors that have been reluctant to accept Medicare reimbursement by setting up a new, permanent, value-based formula. Last month, Congress also overwhelming passed an updated Toxic Substances Control Act after years of inaction, which created uncertainty for industry and environmentalists. Both industry and environmentalists supported the bill. The Committee also unanimously voted for the 21st Century Cures Act, which will speed up the research and development of a new generation of life-saving cures and treatments for patients and dramatically increases research funding at the National Institutes of Health.

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Photo from the Schrader Barbeque

schrader bbq

They’re still talking about the great time some 200 people had at Congressman Kurt Schrader’s first annual western theme barbecue at his Three Rivers Farm in Canby.  From left, Heidi Fox, president of Willamette Women Democrats; Shirley Woods of Wilsonville, Rep. Schrader, Rosie Stevens, vice-chair of Clackamas Democrats, Dee Young of Lake Oswego, Christine Chin-Ryan of Sandy, and Francie Manning, Clackamas Democrats volunteer.

Schrader wins endorsement, Tootie slammed

tea party tootieIt’s one thing when The Oregonian endorses a candidate for Congress, but a whole ‘nother thing when they slam the other candidate in the process. The paper’s editorial board, not known for above average intelligence, acumen, or political savvy, not only gave Democrat Kurt Schrader a pat on the back, but slapped Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith upside her proverbial head in the process.

We could cite some of the juicier attack phrases to entice you to read both of these articles, but it is preferable for you to just jump right in. Adding to Tootie’s load of abuse is an article comparing her with her 29-year-old primary opponent. It’s not flattering to her.

And one more thing. Turns out when redistricting occurred in 2011, the new boundary put Tootie’s residence outside the 5th Congressional District. Fed law does not require a Congressional candidate live in the district they want to represent, unlike Oregon legislators. But it doesn’t help Tootie’s already badly tarnished image to appear as if she’s trying to pull a fast one. She probably just can’t help herself.

Is Tootie Really Serious? If So, Where’s the Money?

Tootie has mastered the finger wag

Tootie has mastered the finger wag

“Hey, I’ve got a great idea,” mumbled a developer who shares Tootie Smith’s hatred of land use planning. “Let’s run Tootie for Congress against that lefty Kurt Schrader!” He figures with her 2012 county-wide win she’s on a roll. Next step, now that Tootie has filed, is the most important task for any wannabe: Dialing for Dollars, putting out fund-raising mail with remittance envelopes, having fund-raisers, the works. After all, incumbent Democrat Schrader has $1.1 million in his campaign kitty right now. A very healthy start. That puts the Tootster so far behind that “pathetic” isn’t a strong enough word. She has raised $18,000. Sad but true for her. That’s nearly a 300:1 ratio for the incumbent. Tootie, to be absolutely clear, is the 1 in the 300:1.

“Everybody’s waiting for the general election” in November, she says. That’s when the big money will come in. Ah, such confidence. So if the manna starts falling from the lobbyist sky, say, starting July 1, she would have to raise only $7,534 per day through Election Day to match what Schrader has now. That would be about double what 2012 challenger Scott Bruun mustered and he was a truly serious candidate. Certainly we can figure Schrader, whose current donors include possible legislative candidate Richard Miller, the guy gave the Oregon Transformation PAC $100,000 in 2012, and has given Schrader $2,500 this year, won’t be sitting around on his laurels. He’ll probably double what he has now. Better get busy, Tootie.