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Area Republicans Go off the Rails in Light of Recent MAX Slayings

Cartoon by David Horsey @ 2014 Los Angeles Times

That Donald Trump’s campaign was based on fear, racism and sexism is a fact. This and his unlawful efforts since his inauguration have tarnished the brand of the Republican Party.

But Mr. Trump is not alone in efforts to appeal to fear. Multnomah County GOP Chair James Buchal told the Guardian (UK Newspaper) that recent street protests had prompted Portland Republicans to consider alternatives for safety, including relying on radical fringe groups. Continue reading

Gilliam, Very Ill, Resigns Legislative Position

One of Clackamas County’s five Republican members of the Oregon House, Vic Gilliam, resigned his seat two days before the legislature was set to convene Feb. 1. He is 63.

Rep. Gilliam, of Silverton, has been very ill with ALS, reportedly unable to leave his home to campaign in the Republican-dominated House District 18 when he ran against Democrat Tom Kane last year. Regardless of his efforts, he was easily re-elected. Continue reading

Clackamas Kicks In $32,201 for GOP Hopefuls

Business Hand Clicking Financial Funding Button On Touch ScreenClackamas County is the third most populous county in Oregon, but it is second in the amount of money donated to Republican presidential candidates, according to the National Journal.

Clackamas has contributed $32,201, according to the report, while Multnomah, the biggest county, kicked in $58,825.

Oregon’s second largest county, Washington, came in third with GOP presidential money at $27,853.

Jeb Bush was the big winner, so to speak. Check out the snazzy map for more details.

Right Wing Training Conference in Portland

3D White People. Man Giving A ConferenceGee, Monday was such a lovely day some folks had to skip the big Western Liberty Network hoo-ha, the one put on by the (pretty much) Oregon right wing designed to train wannabes for office and/or campaigns. Looking at the attached line-up and fliers, it seems these GOP stalwarts just had the time of their lives! Big keynoters — Monica Wehby and new State Sen. Kim Thatcher. Truly a pair to draw to. Check it out.

Video: Maddow’s Close Look at Oregon GOP Craziness

Why are so many rich out-of-state people supporting Oregon Republicans? Why are the state-wide GOP candidates who followed Gordon Smith (who left the U.S. Senate six years ago and was a past-president of the Oregon Senate) so downright wacky? Have all of us who live here and pay attention to this stuff become so jaded and accustomed to these bizarre goings-on that we just take them for granted? What? Huh?

The day before our primary, Rachel Maddow, the revered princess of progressive media, devoted a lot of attention to Oregon’s GOP crazies on her MSNBC national program. She gave us the usual chief suspect, Loren Parks, and a couple more lesser known lights from New York and California. Then she discussed the whole scene with Pacific University Poli Sci prof Jim Moore in an attempt to shed some light from a national perspective on what is now same old same old for us.

Parks is his usual ‘nother world self. And Maddow is at her best. Check this out.

‘Mother Jones’ Magazine Muses on Wehby Backers

Happy Woman Holding An Umbrella In A Money RainElsewhere on this website today, you’ll find a solid discussion of our County Commission candidates by a Portland-based progressive group. Now a national magazine is weighing in.

Mother Jones is a progressive publication based in Washington, D.C. It is not concerned with the challenges Jim Bernard and Paul Savas face, rather the curious deep pockets supporting Monica Wehby’s primary campaign against Jason Conger, a conservative legislator from Bend. Wehby, who lives in Lake Oswego and practices at a Portland hospital, has been found lacking on-the-ground and interview political smarts of a credible candidate. Conger is just the opposite. He’s savvy. Except he doesn’t have the money Wehby is drawing from some of the same old-same old gang we’ve come to know and dislike.

The concern is that if these big money types succeed in helping Wehby win the primary, they’ll be ready to round up some colossal donations to take out Democrat Jeff Merkley in November. Unless Merkley can find some big Democratic money.

Always nice to see how others see us and gain a new perspective, especially when some of these characters are actually willing to talk.