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How to Pay for Road Upkeep? Road Problems Plague Bernard, Brown

By Peter Toll

Jim Bernard and Kate Brown share a problem: their respective road systems are falling apart from lack of proper upkeep, and there’s no money to fix them.

Clackamas County Commissioners put an advisory measure on the November ballot asking voters if they liked the idea of a gasoline tax to raise money to maintain our roads. Portland voters approved a 10-cents a gallon tax, after all, to fix roads there.

Two years ago, Governor Brown and the Legislature tried to put together a package involving a clean fuel proposal and a gasoline tax. In both cases, voters representing largely rural areas shot both tax ideas down.

Clackamas voters told Chair Bernard by a 2-to-1 margin that they already had enough taxes, thank you, and a gas tax was a bad idea. Find another plan, is what Chair Bernard and the commissioners heard. Continue reading