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Is Ron Wyden the Next Senator Sam?

Most heroes don’t set out on a path of heroics. Instead, they’re thrust into a sudden situation where their character is unexpectedly revealed.

Oregon has had two such men in recent history. Both were U.S. senators. Another just might come from that same branch of government. Continue reading

Sen. Ron Wyden to Speak at Roosevelt Dinner

ron wyden.framedSenator Ron Wyden will be the keynote speaker at the Roosevelt Dinner and Auction on Saturday, September 27th. Sen. Wyden is the senior senator for Oregon, serving since 1996. He previously served in the House of Representatives from 1981 to 1996. He is an independent voice for Oregonians and the nation, and emphasizes his positions on health care reform, national security, consumer protection, and government transparency.

Sen. Wyden chairs the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation and serves on the Budget, Energy and Natural Resources, and Intelligence committees. Politico reported that Wyden’s ascent to Chair of the Senate Finance Committee would vault him into the ranks of the Chamber’s most influential.

The Roosevelt Dinner & Auction will be held at the Oswego Lake Country Club, starting with cocktails at 5.30 on September 27, 2014.  It features a delicious dinner, guest speakers, and an oral auction with our favorite auctioneer, Dave Hunt. Before dinner, guests will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for a number of gift-laden baskets or buy a bottle of quality wine from the “wall of wine.” Click here for tickets and more information.


Wyden Brings Grins To Beer and Wine Growlers

wyden_ron_200Clackamas County beer and wine producers and their colleagues across the state are singing the praises of U.S. Senator Ron Wyden today. And well they should. Beer growlers, those handy jugs people bring from home and have them re-filled, have taken off in popularity. So local wine growers adopted the same practice, and it boomed.

Stop right there, said the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. You can’t do that! Yes they can, said Democrat Wyden, who is now chair of the Senate Finance Committee and not one to be trifled with. Wyden wrote to the bureaucrats, and they have backed off. Now states like Oregon, which have approved both beer and wine growlers, have federal permission to proceed apace.

With local beer and wine activity contributing more and more to our economy, everyone is coming up a winner as a result of Wyden’s action. Good job, Senator Wyden. Keep up the good work.

Who’s Behind the Attack Ads on I-205?


Sen. Wyden

When you’re driving on I-205 in Gladstone and see those ugly billboards personally attacking President Obama and our senior Senator Ron Wyden, have you wondered where the nasty inspiration for such abusive messages comes from? The answer, it would appear, is the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and the rest of those awful characters. Their current target is the Affordable Care Act; they want it inoperable, unfunded, and meaningless. And they’re putting up $20 million so far in the attack.

Our own Congressman, Kurt Schrader, seems to have escaped the wrath — for now. Stay tuned to see where this goes on the Clackamas and Oregon front.

Ron Wyden Fights Big Brother

sen-ron-wydenWhile Oregon’s junior U.S. senator, Jeff Merkley, has a growing national reputation for jostling the creaky Senate applecart, sometimes overlooked is our senior senator, Ron Wyden. He is working on a logging compromise package which will probably succeed because everyone is unhappy with it. (“Cut less!” cry the enviros. “Cut more!” shout the rural, timber-based communities.) But that’s mostly local stuff.

Wyden’s real national impact is fighting the federal intelligence community and protecting our right to privacy from Big Brother. The New Yorker magazine recently carried a lead article illustrating Wyden’s lonely work in a field which doesn’t often create political hay. Palpably strong stuff. Well worth the time it takes to read.

Wyden is doing a tremendous job.