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Is Ron Wyden the Next Senator Sam?

Most heroes don’t set out on a path of heroics. Instead, they’re thrust into a sudden situation where their character is unexpectedly revealed.

Oregon has had two such men in recent history. Both were U.S. senators. Another just might come from that same branch of government. Continue reading

Why We Celebrate Wayne Morse

Wayne_MorseUPDATE: Due to dangerous driving conditions, the Gala has been canceled for Saturday, Feb. 8th. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible.


Fifty years ago, Wayne Morse stepped forward in the U.S. Senate and said “No!” to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, and he lost. Badly. So did the country, as the excuse needed for us to go to war (but not declare it) in Vietnam won the official sanction of the U.S. Congress. Morse, the former dean of the University of Oregon Law School and a former Republican, went on as a Democrat to earn the “Tiger of the Senate” nickname as he fought the good fights, the ones where principal is at stake, where basic values of the people are at stake.

He is being celebrated on that half-century anniversary by your Oregon Democratic Party with a gala downtown dinner Feb. 8 at the Hilton Hotel. You should be there in spirit if not in body. As your Clackamas County Democrats and state-wide Democrats strive to move Oregon forward, this dinner symbolizes all of that rolled into one. See you there!