Clackamas County Democrats need your help! If you can offer some time, however small, have special skills, want to talk to your neighbors about Democratic values and candidates, can help staff our office, help stuff envelopes, or can help elect progressive candidates and promote Democratic values in any one of many ways, please fill out the form below.

You will be added to our newsletter list, and a database of volunteers if you so wish.
Somebody from the Clackamas County Dems will contact you if you indicate any volunteer preferences.

A PCP Appointment Application form can also be downloaded below.

A PCP is a Precinct Committee Person, a neighborhood representative and the core of the Democratic Party.  You may also print and fill in this form and return it to the Chair of the Clackamas Democrats at gro.s1488244547medsa1488244547makca1488244547lc@ri1488244547ahc1488244547.


PCP Appointment Application Form  (Microsoft Word format)

We need volunteers to help staff our party headquarters in Oregon City. And it’s fun! Please call Donna Thompson at 503-675-3846.