Inequality and the Need for Unity: An Introduction

By Peter Nordbye, Chair Democratic Party of Clackamas County

The existential crisis of our time, nuclear war, has a new partner: climate change. We have lived under the threat of nuclear extermination since 1945. We have gone from “duck and cover” to bomb shelters to a belief that our institutions have in place safeguards so that no one crazy enough to invoke mutually assured destruction ever could. We have stopped above-ground testing and, with few exceptions, nuclear proliferation. We have even reduced the number of nuclear warheads. We have stared into the abyss of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and said “never again.” Continue reading

There’s Polling and Then There’s Push Polling

By Peter Toll

Has a pollster called lately? Did they try to influence you with an eye to possibly changing your mind? If so, beware. But first a little background.

Independent election and issue polling started in the early 1960s. Some folks named Gallup had a bright idea: “Let’s just ask ’em” when seeking how people felt about a political candidate or a particular issue. Then we can sell the information, they figured, and make some money. They made it statistically sound. Continue reading

July Meeting al Fresco

When the person with the key to the building didn’t show up on Thursday to let Clackamas Democrats into the union hall for their monthly meeting, flexibility became the highlight as Chair Peter Nordbye creatively conducted the shortened meeting on a lawn next to the parking
lot in Oregon City.  More than 100 folks showed up and stayed for the program featuring Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba.

Clackamas Democrats take August off so the next Central Committee meeting will be in September.

Standing and District Committees May Meeting Roundup

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in May.

Campaign Committee, chaired by Peter Toll

What happened on May 15th? Read the Primary wrap-up here.

Communications Committee, May 29th; chaired by Simon Springall

With the Primary behind us, we are planning the best ways to communicate with and engage Clackamas County Democrats, as we approach the November election. One new venture for us will be production of podcasts featuring interviews with key candidates. We discussed the most efficient ways to produce and distribute these. For example, we can launch a YouTube channel and reach out to our Facebook followers, asking them what questions they would like to ask candidates. Continue reading

Door-to-Door Canvassing with a Sad Twist in Happy Valley

Janelle Bynum

State Rep. Janelle Bynum was canvassing her Clackamas County district, knocking on doors and talking to voters. After a few hours, a neighbor called 911 to report suspicious activity. A sheriff’s deputy arrived, spoke to Rep. Bynum, and agreed to take a selfie with her.

This phone call to police would never have happened to a well dressed white male or a white female in Happy Valley.

Why are we so afraid of our neighbors? Why are we so afraid of those who look different from us? Continue reading