2018 Jill Thorn Grant Award

The Democratic Party of Clackamas County (DPCC) is pleased to announce that we are seeking applications and nominations for the 2018 Jill Thorn Grant Award. Jill Thorn was a former Chair of DPCC and contributed many volunteer hours to our organization.

Applications or nominations must be submitted no later than August 25, 2018. The grant is for $500.00 and will be awarded to a woman, registered as a Democrat, living in Clackamas County running for office for a first time.

Click here for the grant nomination form (PDF)

Click here for the grant application form (PDF)

The process:

  • Nominations or applications must be submitted by August 25, 2018 to Grant Subcommittee Chair Kathy Gordon at our DPCC address or email:Kathleen.h.gordon@hotmail.com.
  • The subcommittee will interview nominees and applicants from August 26th through August 31st.
  • The subcommittee will submit a ranked list of candidates to the DPCC Executive Committee at the September 5th meeting.
  • The Executive Committee will forward a recommendation to the DPCC Central Committee at the September 20th meeting for approval.
  • The award will be made immediately after decision for approval by the Central Committee.
    The award recipient will be announced at the Roosevelt Dinner and Auction on October 6th.