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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Standing and District Committees June & July Meetings Roundup

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in June and July.
Communications Committee, July 19th; chaired by Simon Springall
The October 6 Roosevelt Dinner will feature a silent auction of basketfuls of goodies donated by each committee. Fundraising Committee Chair Anita Gregory has advised that each basket should have a theme. We agreed that the theme of our basket will be: “Read a Good Book Lately?” and it will be stuffed with items of special appeal to Democratic bookworms.
Clackamas Democrats Chair Peter Nordbye announced that the “Jefferson Fund” now has a new name: the “Yes We Can Sustainable Fund.” Donations will help cover the organization’s infrastructure costs and other recurring expenses. The hope is to find 100 people to donate $100 each month, though smaller monthly donations will also help. The Communications Committee will provide a new design, tagline, and brochure, led by branding expert Tom Cheevers. We hope to have some of this ready by the August 26 picnic, which will celebrate our Neighborhood Leaders. We also need a button for all NLs.
We discussed the slate cards we will need for the November election. Peter Toll recommended we add Ulanda Watkins to the card; she is a circuit court judge who was appointed by Governor Brown a year ago and is running in November. We reviewed 2018 ballot measures we may want to include on the slate cards, which will need to be at the printer by the end of September, but we will post them on our website and distribute via email as soon as possible.
The committee hopes to start producing podcast interviews, which we think will be a good way to pull in younger voters and broaden our reach. While Tom will provide training and guidance, we are seeking a Clackamas County Democrat to lead this effort.
Fundraising Committee Meeting, July 28th; co-chaired by Anita Gregory and Jan Lee
The progress of preparation for the Roosevelt Dinner was the topic of our meeting. Among the items discussed:
Keynote Speaker — It was decided that Anita would invite Senator Merkley to be our keynote speaker.
Program, Ads & Sponsors — Our efforts to sell ads and procure sponsors have been very successful, with 10 advertisements sold and 11 sponsorships. We continue to work with a few candidates and politicians who are undecided regarding placing an ad or being a sponsor. We are excited about IBEW Local Union 48’s decision to purchase a table for $2,500!
Live Auction — The 10 items we have for the live auction were reviewed. A decision was made to purchase two additional items: a $200 Seattle Mariner Baseball gift card and a $300 Westover Inns gift card (good for multiple beach hotels).
Silent Auction — Anita is working with the various committee chairs on their gift baskets, and progress is being made!
Raffle Baskets — The committee reviewed what we currently have for the two baskets. Anita asked Kathy and Mary to keep their eyes open for more donations for these baskets.
Ask/Appeal — It was decided that Anita will ask Barbara Roberts if she will perform the “Ask” at the dinner.
Democrat of the Year — If Gov. Brown attends, we will ask her to present the award. Also, we are going to suggest that the recipient of the award be announced prior to the dinner.
Social Justice Committee; co-chaired by Josh Korwin and Mike Kohlhoff; meeting highlights submitted by Mary Post
June 13th meeting
Participants reviewed two handouts — “Three attacks on the Cascade-Siskiyou” — and a letter to commissioners drafted by Bill Street with the County Forestry Board. The draft is being revised and will include recommendations for the commissioners to consider. We will seek input from Daphne Wysham, who leads the Climate Justice Program at the Center for Sustainable Economy, and Bark, a non-profit group whose mission is to “transform Mt. Hood National Forest into a place where natural processes prevail, where wildlife thrives and where local communities have a social, cultural, and economic investment in its restoration and preservation.”
Lisa reported on activities of independents for Progressive Action, including presentation of the film The Reluctant Radicals, which was shown on June 24th. We also heard from Glenda on actions, including calling on Congress to oppose family separations. Cornelia alerted us to “5 calls,” whose website ( encourages voters to make 5 calls in 5 minutes. By entering a zip code, website visitors can get a list of relevant issues, names, phone numbers, and short scripts.
We discussed several local issues we need to address: Use of toxic chemicals in herbicides on public grounds; changing the narrative on taxes to reflect economic justice; an open primary; and the possibility of 16-year-olds voting in local elections.
July 18th meeting
Co-chair Mike Kohlhoff presented two drafts of a letter to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. It was moved and seconded to accept the second draft, as written. Peter will present it to the Executive Committee in early August.
Fundraising Committee Chair Anita Gregory has requested each committee donate a basket to the October 6 Roosevelt Dinner. Josh will collect donations, and our basket’s theme will be “I Really Do Care.”
Courtney Neron introduced herself as a candidate for House District 26.
Our next meeting will be September 12th.
House District 39, co-leaders Naella Tesch and Katie Wynne; and House District 40, co-leaders Faith Leith & Bill Street
At our June 16th joint meeting, House Districts 39 and 40 heard from two candidates: Charles Gallia (State Senate District 20) and Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey (State House District 39). In an open discussion led by Naella, the group talked about various issues important to them and how to win elections.
No meetings are scheduled for July or August. Instead, please volunteer for local candidates.
House District 52; co-leaders Jan Lee and Dennis Ghelfi
Michael Hall spoke at the July meeting of the Oregon Trail Democrats (HD52) regarding the campaign to elect four progressive candidates in Clackamas County. Flip4 promotes the campaigns of Anna Williams (our HD52), Chrissy Reitz (our SD26), Charles Gallia, and Rachael Prusack. See the Facebook page and website for Flip4 for more information. Chrissy Reitz’s and Anna William’s campaign managers spoke regarding their respective campaigns.
OTD held a fundraiser for Chrissy Reitz on July 27 at the Buddha Kat Winery in Sandy. Wine tasting was enjoyed by all. We are hosting a similar event for Anna Williams at the winery on August 18th and supporting a September 12 event there for Pamela White.
OTD participated in the Sandy Mountain Festival Parade in July and won a ribbon for our presentation. The annual OTD picnic will be on September 9th at Meinig Park in Sandy.