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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Standing and District Committees January Meetings Roundup

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in January
House District 38, co-leaders Kathy Gordon and Gary Thompson
While HD 38 did not meet in February, there is an exciting meeting planned for Sunday, March 3, from 2:30-5:00 p.m., at the Foothills Condos Meeting Room, 5065 Foothills Drive, Lake Oswego. This will be an opportunity to meet and listen to our Clackamas/Lake Oswego State Senator Rob Wagner and State Representative Andrea Salinas discuss their legislative agenda/priorities for this session. We have also invited John Wallin, who is running for re-election to the Lake Oswego school board, and Kirsten Aird, a new candidate to the Lake Oswego school board. Although they are not running against each other, they will both make their case to the voters. An additional speaker will be Cheri Partain, a newly elected House District Leader from HD35. Cheri is the director of adoption services at Boys & Girls Aid, the oldest child welfare agency in Oregon.
If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP to Kathy Gordon:
House District 39, co-leaders Naella Tesch and Gay Lewis
House District 40, co-leaders Cris Waller and Mike Weber
At a January 27 joint meeting, HD 39 & HD 40 heard from Tiffany Chapman, with Family Forward Oregon. HD leaders gave a recap of accomplishments of the house districts over the past two years, and all of our roles as a team, and also presented data on the November election for each House District. We also heard from candidates Charles Gallia and Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey on their campaigns and what they heard from voters. Neighborhood Leaders shared their stories gleaned from talking to voters. We reviewed the positions coming up in the May 21st election.
Campaign Committee, Peter Toll, chair
The Campaign Committee met in late January to review the major victories of 2019 and start working together toward the special district elections in May.
Cornelia Gibson described the hard work that helped Courtney Neron win the House District 26 seat. Neron was definitely the right person at the right time; her incumbent Republican opponent raised some $270,000 compared to her $35,000.
Mary Shortall and Ken Chappuis, co-leaders in HD 37, reported an excellent turnout by Neighborhood Leaders to retire Julie Parrish and replace her with Rachel Prusak in the Oregon House. They pointed out that Rachel started her campaign a full year before the general election.
In the three-county HD 52, Jan Lee, Dennis Ghelfi, and new co-leader Valerie Wicklund reported their successful effort in ousting an appointed Republican House member with Anna Williams, a newcomer from Hood River. Williams is the third new Democrat who beat an incumbent Republican in 2018, and all three serve Clackamas County and counted on us for help.
Key to that effort was the work of the hundreds of Neighborhood Leaders who helped turn out the Democratic vote. Kathy Gordon, in HD 38, had more than 80 on the streets in Lake Oswego as they elected Rob Wagner a state senator and Andrea Williams a state representative. Both had been appointed, and this was their first election.
The impact of the Neighborhood Leaders cannot be overlooked. While countywide the turnout was 68.9 percent, in precincts where NLs were active most hit at least 75 percent turnout, with many in the 90s. Bill Street did a great job with that program.
Since neither of their district’s legislators was being challenged, Jason Rambo and Cheryl Fischer, co-leaders in HD 41, focused on the statewide race and re-elected Gov. Kate Brown. That House District, of the 10 serving the county, joined HD 38 in giving Brown victory, even though she lost the county overall.
All of our own legislative incumbents were re-elected. Mark Meek in HD 40 had some work to do against a Republican standout. Jeff Reardon beat the same opponent for the third straight time. So did Janelle Bynum in HD 51, fighting off the mayor of Happy Valley for the second straight time. Too, co-leaders Dan Riker and Debbie Pederson helped elect a strong Democratic slate to the city council.
Unopposed were Rep. Karin Power in HD 41 and Sen. Kathleen Taylor in the same North Clackamas and SW Portland neighborhood.
Looking ahead, HD 40 co-leaders Cris Waller and Mike Weber have more than a dozen races to work on, with many overlapping into other districts from their Gladstone base. HD 39, led by Gay Lewis and Naella Tesch, has a whopping 26 special district entities to contend with.
The committee will meet again Feb. 26 in West Linn. Further details are available from Peter Toll at
Communications Committee, Simon Springall, Chair
Clackamas County Democrats Chair Peter Nordbye attended the Communications Committee January 23rd meeting and explained his goals for the organization in coming months. He would like to see more diversity in the organization and challenged the Communications Committee — as he is doing with other committees — to take deliberate action to help meet this goal. He would also like to see more participation from younger voters and a significant increase in the number of Neighborhood Leaders, who have proven to be so effective in getting out the vote and helping to elect Democrats.
We discussed plans to develop a podcast for the organization, and participants had many ideas to move this project forward. We also reviewed a strategy for increasing our presence on Twitter.
Finance and Fundraising Committee, Jan Lee and Anita Gregory, co-chairs
At its January 4th meeting, the fundraising committee discussed the upcoming Pot O’ Gold Dinner, scheduled for Sunday, March 10th at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas. Cocktails will start at 5 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. It was decided to continue offering different pricing levels for the tickets, as was done last year, starting with $30 and going up to $60. Two games will again be played: The Heads or Tails game of chance and the Bean Bag Game.
Guests are asked to bring a wrapped gift, which will be used in the evening’s auction. Invitations went out via snail mail on February 7th. Tickets may be purchased by returning the registration form (lower half of the invitation) or at , where there are further details.
Congressional District 3 (CD3) Delegation; Quarter 1 meeting, January 3; minutes submitted by Debbie Pedersen
Member Attendees: Dan Riker, Janette Christenson, Charles Gallia, Debbie Pedersen

  • Dan Riker was appointed chair pro tem of the Reorganization Meeting due to the current chair running for re-election.
  • Other Elected Officers:
    • Chair: Leigha Lafleur —re-elected by acclamation
    • Vice Chair: Dan Riker — elected by acclamation
    • Secretary: Michael Cojocaru — elected by acclamation
    • CD3 Delegation Chair: James Davis — elected by acclamation
  • CD3-State Central Committee (SCC) delegate will be elected at March 3rd SCC elections meeting
  • Standing Committees include: Budget Committee, Credentials Committee, Platform & Resolutions Committee, Rules Committee. Dan Riker, who is currently on Rules Committee, pointed out the chair of each committee is appointed by the Democratic Party of Oregon chair.
  • State Fair Committee Delegate Layla Assem pointed out she is the only active member from CD3. Democrats’ booth is longest appearing booth in State Fair History — 77 years! The State Fair booth is vital for rural counties that need to get the word out!
  • Chair of Bylaws Subcommittee will call a meeting, review current CD3 Bylaws, and report back at our next meeting. Bylaws must be gender neutral. This is an ad hoc committee chaired by Miguel Moseler.
  • Faith Ruffing reported that Multnomah County Delegation is drafting two resolutions on Venezuela and southern border security.
  • Multnomah County Democrats’ annual fundraiser will be March 9 at the Hilton Hotel.
  • CD3 was visited by Anna Nguyen, Earl Blumenauer’s new communications director in the Portland office. Email: She is from New Orleans and recently moved to Portland to run Jo Ann Hardesty’s campaign for Portland City Council. She promised to attend all CD3 meetings. The CD3 chair and vice-chair will to meet regularly with her. Nguyen reported that Blumenauer is focused on universal background checks, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Trump tax cuts, which have decreased funds for social programs. CD3 delegates and other participants raised the following points:
    • Delegate Ben Wong brought up the fact that possible sanctions and meddling into Venezuela’s elections isn’t right; it’s bad foreign policy!
    • Delegate Miguel Moseler brought up that oppressed groups in the U.S. have no representation, including: Puerto Rico, Palestinians, Pacific Islanders. What is Earl doing to help these citizens? The Alternative Minimum Tax does not fairly tax the wealthy. Would Earl Blumenauer support a 39 percent effective tax rate?
    • Rep. Blumenauer was asked to combine a Trump tax returns investigation with impeachment proceedings.
    • Blumenauer will be invited to a future CD3 meeting to give a one-hour presentation.
    • His communications director will take all questions from CD3 Delegation meetings to Earl Blumenauer’s office.