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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Standing and District Committees March Meetings Roundup

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in March 2019.
House District 39, Naella Tesch and Gay Lewis
House District 40, Cris Waller and Mike Weber
Candidates lined up to speak at the joint meeting of HD39 and HD 40 on March 30. Before fielding questions, candidates for local school and water districts spoke about their campaigns and their districts. Candidates stressed that their races are getting more and more competitive.
To help, we’ll be gearing up for the Neighborhood Leader Program, which is vital in getting these able candidates elected. Information about who is running for which position can be found at
House District 52, co-leaders Valerie Wicklund and Dennis Ghelfi
Oregon Trail Democrats March 26 meeting was held at Clackamas County Bank in Sandy. The group is planning an Adopt-A-Road clean-up on Saturday, May 18.
Donations for Troy Thompson’s funeral exceeded the amount needed; donors will be contacted to see how they want their funds distributed.
Roger and Cathy Frantz met with Rep. Anna Williams and Sen. Chuck Thomsen’s assistant regarding HB 2152 and HB 2020. Williams was supportive and Thomsen was not. The Oregon Trail Democrats annual picnic is scheduled for September 9, from 1 to 4 pm.
The March 2 Progressive Mountain breakfast meeting was held at Still Creek Inn in Rhododendron. We discussed the National Popular Vote Compact and heard a presentation on Rhody Rising, by Steve Graeper. The goal of Rhody Rising is to inspire thoughtful growth in Rhododendron.
State Representative Anna Williams came to Sandy to meet with her constituents on Sunday, March 3. There was a good turn out from HD 52 Democrats and other community members. Anna shared information on her work in Salem and listened to her constituents who voiced concerns about a variety of subjects.
Communications Committee, Simon Springall, Chair
At our March 27 meeting we reviewed the latest on our Podcast project, which is led by Brent Balog of the Youth Action Committee, with assistance from Tom Cheevers, who has produced a trial episode.
We also discussed Slate Cards, business cards and the special web page we are developing to prepare for the May 21 special election. Jason Rambo is managing the wealth of data (positions & candidate name), now available at In preparing these materials, the Communications Committee has responded to needs expressed by each district, whose leaders are working diligently to help candidates and get the vote out for the special election.
Analytics for our Facebook page and Twitter account are promising. Brent is managing the Clackamas County Young Democrats Instagram account; if you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow clackamas_young_dems.
Education Committee, Kathleen Jeskey, Chair
The first meeting of the Education Committee was held on March 13 at Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City. Education bills in the legislature were shared, and a Google document was sent out to make it easier for those who would like to collaborate on particular bills and to follow the progress of legislation so they might submit written or in-person testimony. We reviewed how to use the helpful website
Scott volunteered to disaggregate the bills into categories that align with the Education Article within the DPO platform.
We discussed the relationship that some of us are building to work with other county Democratic education groups. Currently we have a good working relationship with Multnomah County Dems and are reaching out to Washington, Polk, Marion, and Clatsop counties. Kathleen made a visit last weekend to Tillamook county with the co-chair from Multnomah County education committee to attend their Tillamook Dems meeting. We told them about our work in the legislature, how to support education funding, and invited them to join the DPO Education Caucus.
Funding education is the number-one priority. There will be opportunities for direct actions in solidarity with teachers leading up to a statewide action by the Oregon Education Association on May 8. Anyone interested in participating in direct actions should contact the committee for information. Everyone who wants to support funding can wear red on Wednesdays. This is part of the #RedForEd movement that’s underway nationwide and is an easy action to take to draw attention to the need for education funding.
We have lists of school board members to support who are running in Oregon City and in Canby. Complete lists can be found on
Justice Committee, Josh Korwin, Chair; minutes submitted by Mary Post
At the top of our March 13 meeting, we shared the news that Connie Lee’s Resolution of “Racism is a threat to Public Health” has been submitted to the DNC for consideration.
Local environmental activist Paul Spindl gave informative handouts and information, including details about Zenith Energy’s attempt to do an “end run” around the permit process. City of Portland is exploring legal options to stop their expansion to off load oil to Asia.
Michael Hall and Michael Heyn, both from Indivisible of Clackamas Co, spoke of their mission to resist Trump, promote progressive issues, and facilitate interaction between public and policy makers. One suggestion made was to have a clearinghouse of like-minded groups accompanied by strategic planning.
At a future meeting, Kathy Gordon will be conducting a training to Neighborhood Leaders on “Telling your Story.”
Congressional District 3 (CD3)
Here are results of the State Central Committee (SCC CD3) Standing Committee Election held Sunday, March 3; submitted by Debbie Pedersen:
SCC CD3 Delegation attendees: Scott Hays, Charles Gallia, Dan Riker, Mike Gardner, Debbie Pedersen Excused: Janette Christenson
For the Budget Committee ( 2 Delegates, 1 Alternate)
Delegates: Kate Flanagan, Jack Hanna
Alternate: James Davis
For the Credential Committee (2 Delegates, 1 Alternate)
Delegates: Bing Wong, Shirley Minor
Alternate: Debbie Pedersen
For the Platform and Resolutions Committee (5 Delegates, 2 Alternates)Delegates: Michael Burch, Lisa Ortiz, Spencer Trumm, Jason Allen, Gary Lietke
Alternate 1: John Knight
Alternate 2: Mike Gardner
For the Rules Committee (3 Delegates, 2 Alternates)Delegates: Graham Parks, Michael Smith, Dan Riker
Alternate 1: Travis Ross
Alternate 2: Tom Sinec
For the Local Events and State Fair Committee (5 Delegates, 2 Alternates)Delegates: Layla Assem, Ruth Jensen, Albert Lee, Julio Castilleya, Marc Koller
Alternate 1: Aaron Levine
Alternate 2: Katherine Thomasson

DPO SSC Candidates for chair Peter Nordbye and Christine Chin Ryan addressed the meeting, as did candidates for vice chair, Rachelle Dixon, Michelle Risher and Pete Lee.