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Friday, October 18, 2019

Clear-Cutting, Racism’s Health Risks, Have’s vs. Have Not’s: Notes from the September Justice Committee Meeting

Present:  Mike Kohlhoff (Chair), Greg Hunt, Ron Carl, Don Klosterman, Mike DeWitt, Sally Hardwick and Mary Post
We discussed options for funding to improve the Juvenile Justice System in Clackamas Co.  Greg Hunt will draft a resolution to use funds previously used for capital punishment.
 From the Environmental Sub-Committee 
  • Reminder of two Sept upcoming climate change events: the Youth Climate Strike and a public forum hosted by the Climate Reality Project
  • Clear-cutting near streams continues as the state legislature did not pass remedies
  • Zenith Energy is still bringing volatile and toxic oil into NW Portland.  Two NGOs — 350PDX and Extinction Rebellion Portland — are still pushing back.
  • The Jordan Cove pipeline is still being developed in spite of protests. (Update: in mid-September Oregon’s Dept. of State Lands delayed the decision for a construction permit for a second time.) 
From the Racial Justice Sub-Committee 

  • We have contacted a physician at OHSU regarding the issue of racism as a health risk.
 From the Economic Justice Sub-Committee 

  • Members presented a draft resolution in support of a State Bank.
  • Don Klosterman led a very effective exercise to give us a more visceral experience of the “have’s vs. the have nots,” — i.e., the 90% vs 10%.