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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Draft Resolutions for Criminal Justice and a State Bank Considered at October’s Justice Committee Meeting

Present: Mike Kohlhoff (chair), Ron Carl, Cornelia Gibson, Peter Norbye, Michael DeWitt, Jason Pierson, Connie Lee, and Mary Post (secretary).

Mike presented two draft resolutions: one addressing Criminal Justice and the other, a proposed State Bank.  Jason will make changes to the first, and both will be forwarded to the Platform and Resolution Committee for consideration.
A tentative resolution, “Clackamas County Changing Energy Sources,” was discussed and will be further considered at our next meeting. 
From the Racial Justice Sub-Committee 
We continued our discussion of the health threats posed by racism.  Connie outlined several paths to explore.  Peter requested that we address racism in our own Democratic Party. 
From the Environmental Sub-Committee 
The biggest contributor to global warming in Oregon is the logging industry; additionally, clear-cutting is having a negative effect on our water resources.  The organization Sustainable Energy and Economy Network ( is working to slow damage caused by CO2 emissions.  They have compiled a list of legislators who have signed a pledge to not accept funds from the fossil fuel industry. SEEN is also working to pass a law demanding that every fossil fuel company that operates in Oregon take on “insurance risk bonds” against damage from accidents and damage they could cause.  
Our next meeting is scheduled for November 13th, 6 pm. For information: 301-807-1618.