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Friday, June 5, 2020

(an open letter to) Clackamas County Democrats:

Witnessing the murder of George Floyd at hands of a Minneapolis policeman and his fellow officers has deeply shaken us all. We can only offer our deepest condolences to Mr. Floyd’s family. Not only are they suffering the grief of loss of their loved one, but also the felt pain of the betrayal of a system that was supposed to protect him and them. We all are aware that Black Americans and all people of color have been subjected to murder and assassination for centuries in this country with little or no consequences.
The voices of anger and anguish are being heard from affected individuals and through the protests occurring throughout the United States, as well as throughout many foreign countries.The sickness of racial hatred and chronic unequal justice needs to stop and stop now. We need to replace words with action.
In Clackamas County, we stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matters movement. We need to listen and act. We also have a rare opportunity in that we have a new District Attorney-elect, John Wentworth, and a new Sheriff-elect, Angela Brandenburg. Citizens and organizations throughout the county need to begin conversations with those two elected officials to write and develop policies that provide fair and equal treatment within the criminal justice system.
We encourage you all to read the information on President Obama’s website, which includes recommendations for possible actions we all can take to become better informed and to take constructive action to solve this national crisis.
We also recommend that you read Bill Street’s powerful essay below.
Additional links have been added to inform you of other actions to be taken. More information will be provided in the months ahead.
Again, the time to act is now.
Read what Presidents Obama, Bush, Carter, and Clinton Have Said About George Floyd