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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Oregon’s Education Leaders Resolute on BLM Commitments


On October 15, 2020, the state Board of Education passed a resolution committing to anti-racism efforts, equity and support for all students in Oregon. The Board requested that schools pass resolutions validating Black Lives Matter. Among other commitments, the resolution confirms that the Board: “Renews its commitment to anti-racism, equity, and access to education as a core value, manifested by a steadfast commitment to creating a welcoming environment for all students and families and direction of the supports and resources needed to eliminate barriers and promote student success.”  Read the full resolution here.


Also on October 15th, eight of Oregon’s leading education organizations released a jointly signed letter that strongly supports Black students and families and the Black Lives Matter movement. The letter, which was addressed to “education partners and community members,” states: “…we unequivocally affirm that Black Lives Matter and believe racial discrimination and injustice are intolerable in any form. This letter is a statement of our collective values and comes after reports of educators being harassed for displaying Black Lives Matter symbols.” Read the letter here.