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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Thank You to All Who Took the Leap

Thank you Democratic candidates, at all levels, for running for office. Our Democracy is dependent upon competent, engaged citizens taking the leap to run for office. Clackamas County is blessed with outstanding elected officials serving their communities. 

Running for office is not easy. It takes a great deal of time, commitment and sacrifice. Though placing oneself in the public arena can be exhilarating, campaigning can leave one open and vulnerable to political and personal attacks. And while individual candidates are affected, so are their families, careers and other relationships. 

There are many rewards for running for a political office. I encourage all who have the time, resources -- and yes, the courage -- to step up and serve. Democracy can be very messy, but Democracy is our only chance to fulfill our American vision.

Again, thank you all who ran for office this past election. We have much work to do. I fully believe that the work is best done with Democrats in office. Stay well, everyone.

Peter Nordbye

Chair, Democratic Party of Clackamas County