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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thank You Voters for Making History

Oregonians shattered voter turnout records in the 2020 General Election, according to the Democratic Party of Oregon. Voters cast more than 2.4 million ballots, which is more than any other General Election in Oregon history, and nearly 400,000 more votes than the previous record, set in 2016.

In Clackamas County, an impressive 84.7% of eligible voters embraced their democratic privilege, surpassing the 2016 county turnout, which was 81.7%. In the 2018 General Election, just 71% of eligible voters cast their ballots, a reminder to us that we need to do a better job impressing upon the electorate how important state-wide and local elections are.

Democratic Party of Oregon

As the DPO notes, the record number of Oregonians who voted did so despite COVID-19 challenges and thanks to the strength of our state’s secure and reliable vote-by-mail system, automatic voter registration and pre-paid postage for ballots. 

We also acknowledge with gratitude the hard work of our House District Leaders, Neighborhood Leaders and all the volunteers who wrote thousands of letters and made countless phone calls to Get Out the Vote.