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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Clackamas County Democrats Call for Congressman Schrader to Resign

The Democratic Party of Clackamas County stands in solidarity with statements condemning the recent attack on the capitol by white supremacists and followers of Donald J. Trump. Furthermore, the DPCC endorses all calls for Representative Kurt Schrader to resign following his comments comparing the impeachment of President Trump to “lynching” following last Wednesday’s mob attack on the US Capitol.  

Representative Schrader’s remarks following the brutal and violent incursion on the US Capitol by white supremacists display the Congressman’s ignorance concerning the history and tools of oppression used against black folks in the US. His thoughtless word choice reveals that he is unfit to represent constituents of color without causing harm and further trauma.  


The United States in general and Oregon in particular have a long history of employing institutional and structural racism to unjustly target people of color for violence, discrimination, and marginalization. Oregon State did not ratify the 14th and 15th Amendments granting citizenship and the right to vote to black Americans until 1959 and 1973 respectively. The state itself was founded as a “whites only” state which forbid black Americans from settling, staying overnight, and owning property. Portland is still the whitest large city in America and was the scene of black student, Mulageta Seraw being beaten to death by the White Aryan Resistance in 1988. 


The DPCC has committed itself to dismantling structural racism and increasing the diversity of its participants in addition to establishing grants for people of color entering politics for the first time, creating a Black Caucus and pushing to enact county and state legislation that works to undo and transform systems of racial oppression in Oregon.