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Monday, January 18, 2021

Clackamas County Leaders Stand United In Condemnation of County Commissioner Mark Shull and His Social Media Posts.

 January 12, 2021


Together as elected leaders we represent the cities and the people of Clackamas County, and we stand united together and with other leaders in the region, in utter horror over the comments written, shared, and endorsed by County Commissioner Mark Shull on social media. His hateful, inflammatory rhetoric cast dangerous bigotry and intolerance on many historically marginalized groups, including Muslims, immigrants, and transgender people. The volume and breadth of the comments demonstrate a severe disconnect with the shared values of Clackamas County, and we have lost any trust in his ability to serve our shared constituents of the county equitably and justly. We call on Commissioner Shull to resign immediately.


To those targeted by Commissioner Shull, we stand with you and take seriously our job to provide equitable representation, protection and service to every member of our communities.  We uphold our commitment to protect all of the people we represent and to speak out against racism, hate, bigotry and other forms of intolerance that have no place in our society.  


As elected leaders we know our words matter and carry force. The signatories to this letter represent a wide continuum of perspectives and beliefs, and we respect that diverse ideas generate the sound policy that in turn moves our communities forward.  What is not open for debate is the worth of all people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender identity, or otherwise.  We cannot work with a County Commissioner who has clearly demonstrated a belief quite to the contrary and that puts our residents and communities at risk.  

Mayor Mark Gamba, Milwaukie
Mayor Jules Walters, West Linn
Mayor Joe Buck, Lake Oswego
Mayor Tom Ellis, Happy Valley
Mayor Julie Fitzgerald, Wilsonville
Councilor David Emami, Happy Valley
Councilor Brett Sherman, Happy Valley
Councilor David Golobay, Happy Valley
Councilor Daniel Nguyen, Lake Oswego
Councilor Rachel Verdick, Lake Oswego
Massene Mboup, Lake Oswego
Councilor Jackie Manz, Lake Oswego
Councilor John Wendland, Lake Oswego
Councilor Aaron Rapf, Lake Oswego 
Council President Lynn Peterson, Metro
Councilor Christine Lewis, Metro District 2
Councilor Shirley Craddick, Metro District 1
Councilor Annnessa Hartman, Gladstone
Councilor Matt Tracy, Gladstone
Councilor Tracy Todd, Gladstone
Councilor Angel Falconer, Milwaukie
Councilor Lisa Batey, Milwaukie
Councilor Kathy Hyzy, Mlwaukie
Councilor Desi Nicodemus, Milwaukie
Councilor Mary Baumgardner, West Linn
Councilor Rory Bialostosky, West Linn
Councilor Bill Relyea, West Linn
Councilor Greg Parker, Canby
Councilor Christen Sacco, Tualatin
Commissioner Rachel Lyons Smith, Oregon City
Commissioner Denyse McGriff, Oregon City
Councilor Sarah Spoon, Canby
Councilor Chris Bangs, Canby
Councilor Charlotte Lehan, Wilsonville
Councilor Dr. Joann Linville, Wilsonville
Councilor Valerie Pratt, Tualatin
Councilor Bridget Brooks, Tualatin
Councilor Kristen Akervall, Wilsonville 

[list of signatories updated 2021-Jan-15]