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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Clackamas County Legislators Call on Commissioner Mark Shull to Resign

SALEM – In response to statements made by Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull, legislators who serve Clackamas County released the following statement:

“We stand firmly united in our condemnation of the disgraceful social media posts and call for the resignation of Clackamas County Commissioner Mark Shull. He has repeatedly used language that is racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and transphobic. The disinformation he peddled in the wake of the tragic Labor Day wildfires is unconscionable. These comments are not only offensive, they are also extremely dangerous.

“In a moment when too many give in to their hatred and deny facts, we’ve seen firsthand in Salem and in Washington, D.C. in recent weeks just how destructive this kind of language can be. Hatred like this has no place in our society. Rather, we must do all we can to collectively confront our past and to address the continued impact that systemic racism and bigotry have on immigrants and communities of color.

“Furthermore, Commissioner Shull’s statement in response to these social media posts becoming public is not remotely acceptable. It is a non-apology and does not show the necessary regret he should have for so consistently using dehumanizing language to describe other people. He has not offered a true, sincere apology and shown he is willing to take real, concrete steps to start a healing process for those who he’s repeatedly hurt with his hateful rhetoric. He should resign immediately.”


Representative Karin Power, House District 41 

Representative Rachel Prusak, House District 37 

Representative Jeff Reardon, House District 48 

Representative Andrea Salinas, House District 38 

Representative Janelle Bynum, House District 51

Representative Courtney Neron, House District 26

Representative Anna Williams, House District 52 

Representative Mark Meek, House District 40

Representative Dacia Grayber, House District 35

Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner, Senate District 19 

Senator Kayse Jama, Senate District 24