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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mark Shull Must Resign

On Monday, I called newly appointed State Senator Kayse Jama following his historic swearing in as Oregon’s first Muslim State Senator.  

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to congratulate him.  


I called to share news stories calling out the unapologetically racist and Islamaphobic posts of newly elected county commissioner, Mark Shull. Kayse was gracious -- this type of behavior isn’t new to him.  

The Trump Administration and Republicans have fueled the bigotry, race baiting and white supremacist violence that have been a shameful part of Oregon’s and the nation’s history. 


Like Trump, Shull must be held accountable for his incendiary comments. 

For details, read the articles in the Clackamas Review and the Oregonian.


Clackamas County Democrats call on Mark Shull to resign. His lame “apology” is not sufficient. Join us by sharing this call for resignation on your social media platforms. Be sure to add #resignMarkShull

 Mark Shull is wrong and does not represent who we are or who we wish to become. 

--Charles Gallia, Chair