April Message from the Chair

By Rosie Stephens, Chair of Clackamas County Democrats

where the fight isPerhaps nowhere more so than in Clackamas County does “It’s Where the Fight Is” matter more than now. Over the past four years, you have helped build our county party and support our Democratic candidates for the Legislature and County Commission. So with a little shift from the race for the nomination for president to Oregon and county races, the results may really show that “Majority Matters…still!” And in case you need some specific examples of how the majority matters played out in the Oregon Legislature, note the following:

  • In 2015 the Democratic majority in Oregon invested $7.4 billion dollars into​ ​​t​he K-12 budget, funding full ​day kindergarten for the first time.
  • Paid sick leave — helps protect low-income workers who currently do not have paid sick-time protections.
  • Clean Fuels Program — limits greenhouse gas emissions and phases out certain toxics from children’s ​products.
  • Increased the minimum wage over a six year period to $14.75/hour in our area.

Two really good reasons to attend Our April 28th meeting:

  • Wayne Kinney, 2nd vice chair of the DPO, will explain the process to be elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in July.
  • Meet and hear from the new candidates running for the Oregon State Legislature.

Finally, saving the best news for last — more than 33,500 Oregon voters switched their registration since January. The net effect, according to the newspaper, shows a windfall for the Democratic Party! Better yet, in Clackamas County more than 2,100 NAVs switched their registration resulting in a gain of 1,451 Democrats! More than double what the other parties got combined. Sure, the presidential race has a lot to do with this, but I believe our three candidates for the commission can win with our Neighborhood Leader Project and your financial support. I absolutely believe we have the best opportunity to take control of our Clackamas County Commission and win or retain seats in the Oregon House and Senate.

Hope to see you next Thursday at 6:30 pm.