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July Meeting al Fresco

When the person with the key to the building didn’t show up on Thursday to let Clackamas Democrats into the union hall for their monthly meeting, flexibility became the highlight as Chair Peter Nordbye creatively conducted the shortened meeting on a lawn next to the parking
lot in Oregon City.  More than 100 folks showed up and stayed for the program featuring Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba.

Clackamas Democrats take August off so the next Central Committee meeting will be in September.

Standing and District Committees May Meeting Roundup

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in May.

Campaign Committee, chaired by Peter Toll

What happened on May 15th? Read the Primary wrap-up here.

Communications Committee, May 29th; chaired by Simon Springall

With the Primary behind us, we are planning the best ways to communicate with and engage Clackamas County Democrats, as we approach the November election. One new venture for us will be production of podcasts featuring interviews with key candidates. We discussed the most efficient ways to produce and distribute these. For example, we can launch a YouTube channel and reach out to our Facebook followers, asking them what questions they would like to ask candidates. Continue reading

Opening on Clackamas River Water Board

Clackamas River Water is looking for a new board member. It services the part of unincorporated Clackamas county from the border of the city of Milwaukie to I-205 in the north and rural Oregon City outside of the Oregon City limits, including the Beavercreek area, in the south. The board meets twice a month and decides on policy for bringing potable water to customers of Clackamas River Water. An application can be found on the Clackamas River Water website.

Click here for the application form.

Down to Brass Tacks at the County

Clackamas County Commissioners Ken Humberston, Martha Schrader, Paul Savas, Sonya Fischer, Chair Jim Bernard

Now that campaign fervor is slowing down for a moment, it is a good time to consider what your Democratically controlled Clackamas County Commission is doing to reflect your values. Three areas come to mind: Continue reading

Primary Wrapup 2018

There were a few surprises in primary election results this year as only three legislative races attracted more than one Democratic entry. Most hotly contested and most expensive race in the state for the primary:

Senate District 24, spanning Multnomah and Clackamas counties, saw incumbent Rod Monroe facing two Democratic opponents. He went down hard to former State Rep. Shemia Fagan as she amassed over 60 percent of the vote. Kasye Jama, the other challenger, mustered about 12 percent. This was winner-take-all, as no Republican has filed. Continue reading