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We’ve Got Their Back!

Now is the time to send an email to our County Commissioners to let them know we support their efforts to provide due process to all Clackamas residents.

Next week our Board of County Commissioners will address the issue of illegal and unwarranted deportations of our friends and neighbors. As two different federal courts have already ruled, President Trump’s executive orders on arrivals, deportations and withholding of funds to so-called “Sanctuary Counties” are unconstitutional.
Nevertheless, Dreamers are being deported, our neighbors are being detained, all without due process or in too many cases without even court ordered warrants. Continue reading

GOP Robocalls must cease

Onrosie portrait November 2nd, I shared the podium with Bill Currier, Chair of the Republican Party of Oregon at a local Rotary meeting. We shared our experiences as delegates to our respective national conventions in July with photos and we spoke about the similarities the two parties share regarding processes. Despite our differences in policies we support or oppose, it was professional and pleasant.

In my remarks I mentioned the success of the 2015 legislative session with the passing of the “New” Motor Voter law. Quoting from a Willamette Week publication, I noted the difference between the two parties of motor voters who registered as Democrats or Republicans (5% D’s vs 4% Rs) was 1%, a very minute difference. Such a small difference was notable because of the strong opposition Republican legislators had to the bill. I remembered it as I was working for a legislator at the time. All sorts of objections, fears were brought up and in the end only Democrats voted for the bill. Another clear example of “Majority Matters!”

Now, thanks to a Democrat who recorded and forwarded the new Republican party robocall to me, I heard the entire call and it most definitely is a voter suppression tactic! The voice refers to the “new” Motor Voter law as a possibility the voter may be marked as ‘inactive’ by their County Elections office. To suggest this to members of the Republican Party is not helpful, yet the calls are reaching Democrats as well. It is unwarranted to have the Republican Party continue doing this deceptive action.

Many Clackamas County Democrats are volunteering to Get Out The Vote as part of the Neighborhood Leader Program. And volunteers are observing the entire ballot counting process at our County Elections office to make sure every voter who submits a ballot has their vote counted.

Rosie Stephens, Chair, Democratic Party of Clackamas County

GOP Robocalls may be suppressing voters

Cyber OperatorSome Democrats have reported receiving a misleading robocall which could essentially discourage people from voting, telling them that their voter registration is inactive and they would need to go to the county elections office. While this information is correct if the voter registration is inactive; this is reaching many people who are in fact active and can vote in the usual way. If you have a ballot, your voter registration is active, and you should vote in the normal way.  

Click here for a list of ballot dropbox locations in Clackamas County

There is an article in the Oregonian today that indicates this may be related to an Oregon GOP effort targeting inactive Republican voters, but we have other information that this is much more than that, and possibly more nefarious.

If you receive such a robocall, please document the caller ID and date and time, and let us know as soon as possible via a comment here or email us on

Clackamas Democrats’ Slate Cards for November 8th General Election

Blue checkmark on vote checkbox, pen lying on ballot paper

Clackamas Democrats are pleased to publish our slate cards for the November 8th election.





There are ten different cards, one for each House District with significant areas in the county.

Some of the candidates and measures are different on each card.

Please locate the House District for where you live, download the appropriate card, and share it with your friends and neighbors.


yes on 97 logo


Each card lists Measure 97, and other local measures we support.  Our full list of endorsed and locally-supported measures is available here.



toms nlp animation

Meanwhile Neighborhood Leaders all over the county are distributing cardstock versions of these cards to many Democrats.  Why not join them?




Elections Protection Volunteers Needed for General Election

Ballot DropTo all the great volunteers that helped with observation for the Primary and for others that have done this in the past, thank you! Clackamas County has had elections issues, and Clackamas County Democrats have been effective at making sure that election workers know that they are being observed and follow the rules accordingly.

If you have not done this before or want to be a part of the Observation Team again, please email Craig Stephens. Provide your contact information and limitations as to time of day or days in the week prior to, including and just after Tuesday November 8.

There will be on-line training and an in-person training session at the Clackamas County Democrats Office with details conveyed to you as the time gets nearer.

There will be an opportunity to see the machine verification before November 1 for anyone who would like to be present for that. With the primary election, the Clackamas County Elections Office managed to lose some ballots, so there is never a dull moment. Many tasks are observed, each of which has some complexity, in an effort to make sure every vote is properly counted.

There are a number of rules that must be followed, so please allow time for training or re-training as the case may be.