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Oregon City Ballot for Sept. 19 Election

If you live in Oregon City, you should have received your ballot for a special election on September 19th. There’s only one measure on the ballot: Measure 3-517. Please vote “yes”; it will allow the construction of a modern Police Department facility in Oregon City. Voting “yes” will NOT authorize the city to raise TAXES or FEES.

This vote is a charter requirement which the city needs to borrow money. The funding source has been in place since January of 2016; the city just needs permission to spend it.
This is about safety and security for victims of traumatic crimes who need help from the police department. Currently, victims, suspects and registered sex offenders wait in the same place. Victims need privacy. Continue reading

Salinas Chosen HD 38 Representative

Democrat Andrea Salinas will succeed Ann Lininger as State Representative for House District 38, which spans the Lake Oswego area into Southwest Portland. Commissioners from both Clackamas and Multnomah Counties made the unanimous selection. Other finalists were Lake Oswego city councilors Joe Buck and Theresa Kohlhoff and public relations executive Neil Simon of Hillsdale.

Meeting Criticizes Parrish’s Health Care Proposals

State Rep. Julie Parrish is in hot water in her own district.  At a healthcare gathering in her hometown of West Linn, Parrish’s idea of cutting taxes by cutting some 350,000 Oregonians off the Medicaid rolls elicited more than unkind comments. Parrish herself refused to attend the meeting. Here’s the story.

HD 38 Meeting Greets Victors

House District 38, comprising Lake Oswego and a bit of SW Portland, saw some 60 people turn out for their March meeting at the Foothills Community Center of Lake Oswego, including a wealth of victorious candidates in the recent election.

Proud of its work in November, HD 38 welcomed County Commission Chair Jim Bernard, Commissioner Ken Humberston, and newly appointed Commissioner Sonya Fischer. Victories by Bernard and Humberston created the votes to appoint Commissioner Fischer to fill Bernard’s unexpired term. Each of them spoke gratefully and emphasized the new-found camaraderie and sense of moving forward now prevailing in the county. Continue reading

Local Bigot Closes Shop After Pro-Trump Rally Bombs

“Kevin the Geek” Moves His Business to a Red State with his “Fellow Deplorables”

By Peter Nordbye

Normally when a business closes, it is time for mourning. Every business is part of the fabric that makes up any community, and any loss has some degree of sadness. Except when the business used its privilege and position to taunt, promote hateful speech, and engage in questionable racial rhetoric on social media.

The computer repair store located on State St. in Lake Oswego is about as centrally situated as possible. If the old business advice of “location, location, location” was foolproof, this site would be perfect. Yet from this site, the owner used the central location to advertise not his business services but rather his political views. Continue reading