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Parrish-Richardson Collusion in Salem?

When you pay a political consultant (who happens to be State Rep. Julie Parrish¬† from West Linn) more than $330,000 to help you get elected Secretary of State, can you be wholly impartial when that State Rep puts up a ballot initiative?¬† For the Oregon Nurses Assn., something isn’t passing the smell test.

Progress by the Oregon Legislature (Summary of Recent Session)

By Jeanne Atkins
Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

DPO Chair Jeanne Atkins

As the Trump Administration’s disastrous agenda grinds on, here in Oregon we continue to make great strides in passing progressive policies. We’re proud of the work our Democratic team has done to pass legislation in Oregon that will improve the lives of many.

Not everything we asked for was passed in the legislative session that just ended, but I’d like to highlight just a few of these accomplishments which helped to achieve our State Party’s platform and legislative priorities, some of which were so persuasive that Republicans joined in support. Continue reading

Ohio’s Lesson for Clackamas County

An in-depth survey of likely midterm swing voters in Ohio provides useful insights for Oregon and Clackamas County.

Most important is that face-to-face contacts are crucial to help voters understand that politicians are not the only cause of all the problems. Instead, the finger should be pointed at those specific corporations or politicians who acted or supported actions which created the problems in the first place.

The survey found solid support across partisan lines and income levels to curb the outsourcing of jobs, address the opioid crisis, and pass paid family leave.

Continue reading

Would-Be GOP Governor Candidate Reprimanded by Oregon Ethics Board

State Rep. Knute Buehler, a Bend Republican who has an orthopedic surgery practice, was reprimanded by the Oregon Ethics Commission for not accounting for more than a handful of income in a complaint brought by the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Buehler, who has already raised more than $100,000 toward a possible bid for governor against Democrat Kate Brown, overlooked as many as 75 entries when he filed his paperwork.

Clackamas Asks Legislature to Join “Treat vs. Jail” Drug Addict Programs

Should Oregonians consider drug-addicted people as being ill or being criminals? Should they be treated or jailed?

These questions become all the more meaningful in the national opioid crisis currently killing thousands of Americans every month. Is it more humane for the addict and cheaper for society if treatment is implemented?

Clackamas County commissioners said “yes” to the above in testifying before the Oregon Legislature on several bills embracing that path and asking that the law be expanded to include Clackamas. Overall, the results in neighboring Washington and Multnomah counties have been considered positive. Continue reading

Rep. Parrish Would Put Trump GOP Standards on Oregon Health Care

How does Clackamas County feel about repealing Oregon’s version of the Affordable Care Act?

Unlike the federal Republican approach languishing in the Senate, West Linn Republican Rep. Julie Parrish wants Oregon voters to undo the recent bipartisan bill passed by the Oregon Legislature.

She’s gathering signatures across the state now for a ballot measure to overturn HB 2391, which taxes hospitals to help pay for services for those who can’t, approximately one in five Oregonians. Continue reading