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CLACKAMAS IS KEY: Reps Fall Behind Dems, Non-Aligned Voters

More than one pundit has already said that Clackamas and Washington counties will carry or lose this election for the Democrats. Let’s look at the numbers.

Multnomah County’s 527,169 registered voters make it the largest. And Oregon’s largest county is severely lopsided favoring Democrats. More than equaling it, however, are the combination of Washington County, 355,459, and Clackamas, 287,931. They, too, lean Democratic.

Those three counties are some 42 percent of Oregon’s vote next month. Continue reading

AROUND THE COUNTY: Analysts See Clackamas as Crucial to Brown Win
Down Ballot Impact Also Could Be Very Significant

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County is in the thick of it this election as various political analysts agree the governor’s race between Kate Brown and Knute Buehler will be decided here and in Washington County.

An article in the Portland Tribune makes it clear: Multnomah County voters predictably deliver a big number to Kate Brown’s re-election. But the bottom line will come in the two big “swing” counties, those known to go both ways or sometimes lean one way or the other.

Let’s take a quick look at voter registration, which gives Democrats the edge, then we’ll visit the turnout numbers. Continue reading

Kate Brown’s Accomplishments

Here’s a list of Kate Brown’s accomplishments as governor for you to share with your friends and neighbors who are wondering who to vote for.

1. Raised Oregon’s minimum wage significantly across the state, becoming the first in a series of states to help minimum wage workers make ends meet.

2. Signed the nation’s first law to phase out dirty coal power completely while doubling Oregon’s reliance on renewable energy by 2040.

3. Made community college affordable for low-income students through the Oregon Promise, a program that helps eligible students attend community college for as low as $50 per semester.

4. Passed expanded background checks in Oregon to help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

5. Made Oregon one of the easiest states in the nation to access birth control by signing laws allowing pharmacists to write birth control prescriptions and requiring insurance coverage for up to a 12 months supply at a time.

6. Approved paid sick leave for Oregon workers so they can take the time they need to care for themselves or family members without losing their paycheck or job.

7. Bolstered early childhood education by funding statewide all-day kindergarten for the first time in Oregon.

8. Passed ethics reforms to restore trust and accountability in state government, becoming the first governor to appoint a full time public records attorney, put all public records online, and released over 360,000 pages of public records.

9. Set the national standard for easy, accessible voting by creating the nation’s first “Motor Voter” automatic voter registration program, adding over 222,000 voters to rolls in the first seven months.

10. Oversaw sweeping protections for transgender students so every Oregon student will be accepted and respected no matter their gender identity.

11. Oregon achieved the lowest unemployment rate on record.

12. Challenged national lawmakers to take action on gun safety by calling for a ban on assault rifles and issuing an executive order to aid Oregon police in tracking dangerous weapons.

13. Banned “gay conversion therapy” in the state of Oregon so that no one is shamed for who they love.

14. Ended profiling as a law enforcement tactic to build trust and create stronger, safer communities

15. Strengthened assistance for small businesses that are the backbone of Oregon’s economy.

16. Put Oregon on track to improve affordable housing by signing new laws that tackle this critical issue.

17. Created a new state retirement program so all workers have the opportunity to plan for their retirement.

18. Launched efforts to build Oregon’s biofuel industry and reduce the use of fossil fuels by passing Oregon’s Clean Fuels law.

Clackamas County is one of two target Counties that Governor Kate Brown needs to win if she is going to be successful. Amy Kessler is requesting assistance from our County Party to recruit additional volunteers from October 27th to November 6th to blitz canvass during those dates. There is also a need for volunteers to assist with phone banking.

If you can help, even for an hour, contact Amy at 406 860-1718 or her email is:

Slate Cards Are Ready — Get Yours Now!

Blue checkmark on vote checkbox, pen lying on ballot paper

Clackamas Democrats are pleased to publish our slate cards for the November General Election.

There are ten different cards, one for each House District with significant areas in the county. Some of the candidates and measures are different on each card.

Please locate the House District for where you live, download the appropriate card, and share it with your friends and neighbors.

Click here for a full list of candidates and measures on the November ballot.

toms nlp animation

Meanwhile Neighborhood Leaders all over the county are distributing cardstock versions of these cards to many Democrats.  Why not join them?




There’s Polling and Then There’s Push Polling

By Peter Toll

Has a pollster called lately? Did they try to influence you with an eye to possibly changing your mind? If so, beware. But first a little background.

Independent election and issue polling started in the early 1960s. Some folks named Gallup had a bright idea: “Let’s just ask ’em” when seeking how people felt about a political candidate or a particular issue. Then we can sell the information, they figured, and make some money. They made it statistically sound. Continue reading