Clackamas DA Changes Tune With Measure 91 Passage

open cell with marijuanaJoining his colleagues in Multnomah County who dropped 50 cases last week, Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote has announced he is dropping 12 pending marijuana cases now that the pro-marijuana initiative has passed; it will take effect in seven months. That’s July 1, 2015.

Measure 91 saw mixed opposition and support. Hard to ask a DA to suddenly do a 180 on the weed. Cursory research doesn’t reveal if Foote took a position. If he did, it wasn’t prominent. He did, however, lead the successful opposition to a legislative measure last year that would have reduced marijuana case sentences and devoted a great deal of time and money to drug rehab programs. No, Bro Foote doesn’t want to appear soft on crime.

Look for other Oregon counties to follow the lead now that at least two DAs from big counties are acknowledging a reality over which they have little control. By the way, your Clackamas Democrats endorsed passage of this measure.

Finally, Oregon is already fairly gentle on marijuana, unlike Texas or other states where a 1-ounce baggie will get you five-to-ten. No, many folks will be staying home now.