Climate Change Denier Sen. Olsen Named to Climate Panel

In an unbelievable move, Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat, has named one of the Oregon Legislature’s most outspoken climate change denier to a state commission dedicated to addressing the issue of global warming. The commission is charged with looking for Oregon solutions.

Some would consider appointment of Alan Olsen, R-Canby, a Republican’s dream come true. After all, if you hate government and its views on subjects like this, why not get involved and turn stuff upside-down to retain the status quo? Former county commissioners John Ludlow and Tootie Smith tried that here and only lasted one term.

This is not the first time hard working volunteer Democrats have arched their eyebrows at a seemingly boneheaded Courtney decision. In the closing days of the recent session, he single-handedly stopped a bill which would have added Oregon to a compact of states working around the Electoral College in presidential elections.

Curiously, few “traditional” news media gave Courtney’s latest action the play it deserved. That left it up to an alternative publication to put the appointment in context and bring it to our attention.

One thought on “Climate Change Denier Sen. Olsen Named to Climate Panel

  1. Betsy Imholt

    Senator Courtney appointed Senator Alan Olsen and Senator Michael Dembrow to the Global Warming Commission. The law requires the senate president appoint a Democrat and a Republican from the senate. These two senators are the chair and vice chair of the Environment Committee and they were both willing to serve on the commission. These are non-voting positions.

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