‘Compassionate’ Clackamas County Democrats’ Booth

by Craig Stephens, Campaign Committee Co-Chair

“Compassion, not Greed” was the theme of the Clackamas County Democrats’ booth at the Clackamas County Fair in Canby this year. Volunteers logged more than 200 hours preparing and staffing the booth over the six days of the Fair, and the result was another successful presence at the Fair.

County Fair Booth

Larry Skidmore Chats with a Visitor at the Dems’ County Fair Booth

The location inside the main building on a busy but relatively quiet corner gave us “more bang for the buck” in terms of cost of a tent — not to mention avoiding 95 degree heat! It was possible to obtain because of the our seniority at the fair over the years.

Particular thanks go to Larry Skidmore, John DeHaas and Tom Cheevers for creating and constructing the booth and giving it its attractive appearance.

The question we all love to hear, “How can we get more involved,” was posed to me during my shift by two women who were obviously delighted to see our booth. Talking to fellow Democrats, including others staffing the booth, made my shift seem over in a flash. County Commissioners stopped by to thank us for our support. Bumper stickers, clever buttons, registration forms and a big wheel were attractors, but the spot-lighted backdrop with the photo poster of President Obama being tightly hugged by an frail elderly woman with the title “Compassion, not Greed” set the theme of the Democratic Party.

Many people passing by expressed their preference of either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for president, with the “Bernie” supporters being more vocal. No surprise there!

Thanks to all who helped make the CC Dem booth at the County Fair a success in proclaiming our message and encouraging Democrats in Clackamas County.

We Democrats also have seniority at the Oregon State Fair and have the pick of location. Democrats have 70 years of experience hosting a booth at the State Fair! Thanks also go to those of you who volunteered to staff the State Fair Democrats’ booth!

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  1. Susan Shawn

    Thank you all so much for your hard work. Can no longer do this, but I’m thrilled to see y’all still in action!

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