COUNTY COMMISSION NEWS: a week and a half

Reprinted by permission from County Commissioner Ken Humberston

Ken Humberston

This last week and a half have been busy. We have met with Gladstone for the signing ceremony of our library settlement, reviewed our legislative agenda, Family Justice center report, I met with Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick, had a CLT update, lunched with the Estacada chamber of commerce, had our regular business meeting and last weekend attended the DPO conference in SunRiver.

This week began with a tour and demonstration at Schellenberg Technical school where students learn about tech, television , radio and all the professions surrounding the electronic media.You may have seen Chair Bernard trying out the Virtual Reality equipment on Facebook recently. We also met with representatives from the Concord Partnership to discuss the future of Concord elementary and the library possibilities at the site.

Tuesday I attended the Diversity Conference in Portland, returned to the Office and we discussed the road transfer policy when cities annex areas.

Wednesday I attended the DC meeting, participated in the second Affordable Housing roundtable, and that evening attended Commissioner Fischer’s campaign Kickoff!! Go Sonya!!!

Thursday we had our regular business meeting, I met with Bark, an environmental activist group, to discuss a House bill that would dramatically roll back public participation in timber harvest decisions among other reversals that would be potentially bad for our forests. We also discussed the possibility of them supporting the Cross-laminated Timber initiative I am pursuing, as it dovetails well with their environmental sustainability goals.We then had a land use briefing and I attended the Veterans Advisory Committee meeting where we had a presentation on the various assistance programs we are using and supporting for our veterans for jobs, housing and counseling. Then, last night, I attended the cities dinner in Canby where we had a presentation from the city commissioners and their staff about the direction of their city and a new project to support their vision.

Finally, today, I will be meeting with Representative Karin Power to keep in touch on legislative issues important to Clackamas County.

That’s all folks, Ken

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  1. Susan Shawn

    This is great! Hope you continue to provide this. Maybe the others will do so, too. Good modeling for democracy in our County.

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