Reprinted by permission from County Commissioner Ken Humberston

Ken Humberston

Last year Clackamas county did not receive any grant money from Metro because of the “strained” relationship. This year we were able to resolve the Stafford “impasse” with Metro and the 3 cities that surround Stafford. Now this:

County awarded planning and housing grants from Metro

On Oct. 26, the Metro Council approved two grant applications that Clackamas County submitted earlier this year for Metro 2040 Community Planning and Development Funds. The two projects are:

  • Hillside Master Plan for Housing Opportunity from the Housing Authority of Clackamas County in partnership with the City of Milwaukie: $214,000 to provide a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for a public housing community in Milwaukie that is owned and operated by the Clackamas County Housing Authority. The county is contributing $79,150 in matching funds for the project.
  • Park Avenue Development and Design Standards from the County’s Department of Transportation & Development in partnership with the McLoughlin Area Plan Implementation Team (MAP-IT): $180,000 to create development and design standards for the Park Avenue light rail station area at the corner of Park Avenue and McLoughlin Boulevard in the Oak Grove area, through an inclusive and extensive community engagement process. The county is contributing $45,000 in matching funds for the project.

“We believed these were both excellent proposals for projects that will go far to help meet the housing and development needs of our residents in the northwest part of the county,” stated Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard. “We’re very appreciative that the Metro Council saw the value of these projects and granted the funds to help us get started.”

Both projects — the only two that the county submitted this year — will involve public outreach and involvement. More information will be available in the coming weeks.

When governments work together and do not demonize each other, that is what happens.