County Dedicates Two New Public Parks

Clackamas County appears to understand the value of public parks to their communities and the county as a whole. In recent months, they have began construction on one new park and opened another on lands previously acquired by the county.

Hidden Falls Park in Happy Valley, which features a 22-foot waterfall emptying into a pristine punchbowl, began construction recently and will open next spring. The park will consist of a 10-foot-wide paved asphalt trail, a 110-foot-long, glue-laminated timber bridge over Rock Creek set in front of the waterfall, retaining walls to support the trail in the high-slope areas, a lodge-pole fence surrounding the creek and falls area, and crushed-granite lookout points on each side of the bridge. The site includes mature mixed coniferous forest, with native trees such as Oregon white oak and bigleaf maples, and is home to pileated woodpeckers, deer and other animals.

Madrone Wall Park in Damascus opened recently. The defining feature of the site is the 120-foot basalt wall that bisects the property, along with a wealth of madrone trees. The area is popular with wildlife, and peregrine falcons have been observed nesting there in recent years. It is also a popular rock climbing site that had been closed for many years.