Endorsed measures for May 21 election

Blue checkmark on vote checkbox, pen lying on ballot paperClackamas County Democrats at their monthly meeting April 18 endorsed three measures on the upcoming ballot May 21.

Metro Measure 26-152: Local Option Levy: Improve natural areas, water quality for fish—YES

This measure creates a dedicated fund to improve water quality for salmon and native fish, remove invasive weeds that threaten the health of these natural areas, restore wetlands and provide opportunities for people from around the Metro region to experience nature close to home. The estimated cost for the typical homeowner is $20 per year for five years.

Read more at http://www.restoreournaturalareas.com/ and http://www.oregonmetro.gov/index.cfm/go/by.web/id=41591

County Measure 3-424: Use of Certain County Resources for Portland Milwaukie Light Rail—YES

Agreements previously signed by Clackamas County Commissioners obligate the County to use specific resources toward completion of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project. This includes $1.2 million in improvements to roads and signals near Park Avenue, partly paid by TriMet SDC charges, allowing TriMet to conduct operations on and maintain portions of county roads and sidewalks, and transferring two small parcels of property valued around $22,000 to TriMet.

North Clackamas Parks District Measure 3-425: Property Exchange Between the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and TriMet—YES

For those in the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation district, which includes Milwaukie, Oak Grove, Gladstone and Happy Valley

This measure also concerns a land swap such that the parks district would sell a portion of the “Trolley Trail” property to TriMet, and TriMet would sell a strip of adjacent property to the parks district for the trail, construct that section of the trail, and provide the parks district with additional compensation to make up for the difference in value.

Read more on the above two measures at http://www.clackamas.us/may2013measures/