How to Buy Clackamas County Commissioners

tootlow-90000The going price is 90-thousand dollars.

The financial backers of Trump-Lite Clackamas County Commissioners John Ludlow and Tootie Smith have gone all-in.

Wealthy Portland real estate developers have increased the ante to $90,000. The recipients are Commission Chairman Ludlow and Commissioner Smith. The two have been the driving force behind plans to develop pristine farm and recreational land near Wilsonville.

The ad hoc group opposing the development has revised its TV advertising to make note of the more than doubling of the amount paid to the two. The amount was originally $40,000 but was increased to $90,000 considering the opposition campaign.

The committee, Citizens for a Prosperous Oregon, has placed an extensive cable TV campaign. Jack Kane said, “the purpose of the TV campaign is to urge Clackamas County citizens to vote against the development with a vote against Ludlow and Smith.”

Kane continued, “Replacing the land in question with more warehouses and industrial buildings makes no sense. That is proven by the simple fact that the developers are prepared to pay through the nose to assure the re-election of Smith and Ludlow.”

The TV advertisement notes that the City of Wilsonville, farmers and neighbors all oppose the development. But the developers who bought the Langdon Farms property with the intention of industrializing it apparently think it’s worth thousands more to keep the favorable commission votes.

We can’t trust Ludlow and Smith to protect Clackamas County.

Here’s the ad: