It’s Time to Replace John Ludlow and Tootie Smith

By Craig Stephens

open for business

Open for Business

Voters have put up with the shenanigans and vindictive behavior of John Ludlow and Tootie Smith long enough. Maintaining and improving roads in Clackamas County need to be funded and implemented to support manufacturing, distribution, and farm transit. Timber money has all but disappeared, property tax cannot be used for road maintenance, and gas tax revenue is not enough to keep up with urgent repairs and safety improvements. The funding shortfall has been allowed to escalate to $17 million annually and is increasing each year. A leader is needed to take the best path for our pocketbooks and continue down it for immediate benefit and with a clear plan.

Clackamas County needs a commission that shows we are open for business and stops the negative publicity around the commission’s public petty bickering. Their shenanigans include using public monies for legal defense of actions by the chair and creating straw man resolutions that have no effect in law. Their vindictive behavior started immediately after John and Tootie took office. (Click here for more about John Ludlow and Tootie Smith.)

We all want and deserve efficient, competent governance, not one focused on corporations and donors. We don’t need any more meaningless grandstanding to hear cheers of vocal patrons. We need leaders who respect the needs of Clackamas County families and allow businesses in Clackamas County to participate in the regional economic recovery with no nonsense, excuses, or distractions.

Jim Bernard will do the right thing for Clackamas County families. Unlike John Ludlow, he does not cater to selfish powerful supporters who oppose the best interests of Clackamas County. Jim has a demonstrated track record of success and will take on the tough issues and resolve them in the best way possible for the maximum benefit to Clackamas County residents.

Just as crucial are the leadership and strong decisive reasoning of Ken Humberston, who is running to replace the ever-controversial Tootie Smith. Unlike Smith, he has no aspirations for higher office to distract from his focus. Ken has a balanced background and approach for security, fiscal responsibility, and care for seniors and those of all ages who need help and assistance because of disabilities, particularly veterans.

To continue with a strong focus on jobs, education, and economic development in Clackamas County, re-electing Martha Schrader is crucial. Martha has long been a friend and advocate for veterans, for senior and disadvantaged care, and for family wage job opportunities in Clackamas County.

By getting involved as a Clackamas County Neighborhood Leader, you can bring this message to your immediate Democratic neighbors and friends.