3 thoughts on “Ludlow’s Denials Don’t Jibe With The Facts Re: Email Use

  1. Gloria Woolridge

    Ludlow is a real jerk that needs to be removed!!! I can’t understand how people got sucked in to vote for him and his buddy Tootie. Their campaign was obvious from the start I still can’t figure out how people could actually believe what they said.

  2. Doug Towsley

    This is all a bit Ironic if you think about it at all. Lars Larsen and the like were tooting their horns about Hillary and her emails, seems like she survived the crisis. Then we have Gov Kitz which did not work out so well for him (What was he thinking?). All over emails, Ludlow? and to some degree Tootie? No secrets there, their agendas were very transparent and those they work with and for. Their elections were bought fair and square like many elected officials and they are just returning the value on their investments. When a group spends as much as they did, they expect something in return, access, policy decisions, influence etc etc.
    How short peoples memories are. In the not too distant past, there was a tavern in Oregon city. Any time of day or night, you would find the commissioners, Sheriff, and a whos who of Clackistan playing cards and drinking. Often during business hours. When you needed to discuss something or work a deal, you dropped in, had a beer, and made your deals. Portland and other cities were the same. As a kid my Dad would take me into Nicks Coney Island in the Hawthorne district, it was a dive bar, you would see the Portland mayors, judges, lawyers, and every politician imaginable there. Ate a Chili dog next to Neil Goldschmidt once. Back in the day, its how things were done. Now its email and the only problem is there is a record of the back channel deals that are made every day in Politics.

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