May Message from the Chair

By Rosie Stephens, Chair of Clackamas County Democrats

rosie portraitEvery four years the political parties describe the impending presidential election as a historic event — and every once in a while it’s true, like now.

The Oregon Primary election is over, and I am pleased with the results in our county. Democrats in our county outvoted the Republicans. Neighborhood Leader Program results showed that face-to-face contact resulted in higher voter turnout. We set Clackamas County Commission races as a top priority and . . . Martha Schrader won her race; Jim Bernard got more votes and a higher percentage than his three opponents so he will run against John Ludlow in November; and Ken Humberston supporters kept Tootie from winning to face off in November. So the answer to the question in the April 24th edition of the Oregonian, “Will Democrats turn the tide in Clackamas County?” YES!

So although there are primary elections still to come in other states, I hope that in the next month or so, all Democrats will unite and work to elect one of ours to the White House. The thought of having Trump win in November is not acceptable to me and I hope to all of you.

I don’t believe polls that say one of our candidates can beat Trump better than the other. I believe neither of our two Democratic candidates can win without the supporters of the other. So in closing, I leave you with the famous line from a recent Rolling Stone magazine article that quoted Abraham Lincoln in 1858: “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” and that the “crisis” would be “reached and passed” only when the house divided would become “all one thing or all the other.”

Election Night Celebration

Election Night Celebration