Oak Grove Stalwart Fred Nelligan’s Impressive Finale

fred nelliganMost of our Clackamas County communities have people who step forward and get things done. They are out of the ordinary. People like the late Dick McQueen in Sandy or Roberta Schwarz in West Linn, the driving force behind the White Oak Savanna at the 10th Street Exit on I-205, and a host of other community interests. Fred Nelligan, of Oak Grove near Milwaukie, was such a person.

Fred served on Clackamas County committees, was a key search and rescue player on Mt. Hood, and was TriMet’s big local supporter in getting the light rail Orange Line to Milwaukie over the objections of the likes of John Ludlow. He hosted many meetings in his home to generate enthusiasm and a sense of welcome to the Orange Line. Enthusiasm was his middle name. He was a dedicated, hard worker striving for the best for his community.

Fred died this week. Coincidentally, The Oregonian has been closely tracking the last four months of Fred’s life for its series on Death with Dignity. The article is revealing, touching, and brings true dignity to the end of life. The article by Molly Harbarger is long but solid. Well worth reading and a fitting public conclusion for Fred.