Ohio’s Lesson for Clackamas County

An in-depth survey of likely midterm swing voters in Ohio provides useful insights for Oregon and Clackamas County.

Most important is that face-to-face contacts are crucial to help voters understand that politicians are not the only cause of all the problems. Instead, the finger should be pointed at those specific corporations or politicians who acted or supported actions which created the problems in the first place.

The survey found solid support across partisan lines and income levels to curb the outsourcing of jobs, address the opioid crisis, and pass paid family leave.

These three policies have such high levels of support and intensity that they could prove persuasive even for Trump swing voters in 2018. In addition, five other progressive policies promoting middle-class well-being are backed by more than 70 percent of Clinton voters and at least a plurality of Trump voters spoken to during this project.vwidth=”600″ height=”346″ />

The other issues include:

  • Expanding overtime
  • Paid sick days
  • Ending worker misclassification (Uber anyone?)
  • Retirement savings, and
  • Unionization

Of special interest to Clackamas Democrats are the results about how effective media based campaigns are and where voters get their information.

Does paid advertising work? Despite massive media spending in the last statewide election in Ohio, more than 53 percent of swing voters did not know the winning candidate (Republican Senator Rob Portman).

“The upshot is that voters blame elected officials writ large for the state of the economy more than they blame the corporate beneficiaries of rigged rules. If progressive candidates want to change that narrative in 2018 and beyond, direct outreach to voters like door-to-door contact will be essential.”

Because many swing voters get information from conservative media outlets. they tend to blame all politicians rather than those who are either using the rigged rules of the economy or those responsible for rigging them.

As we hear all too often, “politicians are all alike,” and government is the problem, not the corporations polluting the air, moving jobs overseas, or busting unions.

Ohio swing voter information suggests that a progressive agenda focusing on the relevant issues is supported by a majority of voters, not just Democrats and nonaffiliated voters but all voters.

Our task is to visit our neighbors and let them know their vote counts, that we are listening, and that together we can make Clackamas County and Oregon a much better place to live for all.

Voting for the right candidates, the problem-solvers, and ousting the corporate hacks and problem-creators from office means educating voters gently but effectively. And the best way to do that is face-to-face, neighbor-to-neighbor. That’s what we’re doing here.